Residents of Tula visited Cresland

30 October 2011

On October 30 an educational and entertaining campaign "Cresland Treasures" took place in Tula. The city of Tula became the second regional center after Kaluga where the large-scale all-Russian...

"Cresland Treasures" travel around the country

29 October 2011

The first educational and entertainment campaign "Cresland Treasures" was held on October 29 in Kaluga. This is the quest to involve families within the scope of the social campaign "Car Seat to...

Instead of concert hall young people ended up in the hospital

28 October 2011

Children went to the regional center to attend a gala concert. On a slippery road the school minibus they were driving lost control, slid off the road, entered ditch and toppled. As a result instead...

The driver was drunk

26 October 2011

The whole family was driving in a Lada passenger car: a husband, his wife, one year old daughter and grandmother. An Opel driving at high speed collided with the Lada car. The Lada car was torn into...

Adults carried a boy without child car seat

24 October 2011

As many as seven people suffered in a head-on collision of two Russian passenger vehicles. Serious injuries were inflicted on a 3 year old boy. The boy was carried inside the car without a...

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