"Unfastened" girl suffered because of adult negligence

21 September 2011

The accident occurred on September 20 in Primorsky Territory in the city of Nakhodka. The driver of «Toyota Mark II» did not observe the distance requirements and collided with...

Ambulance car did not make it to the hospital

16 September 2011

The accident occurred in the morning of September 16 in Moscow at the intersection of Sebastopol and Nakhimov avenues. An ambulance car and three other foreign makes collided: Volvo, Volkswagen and...

Unfastened baby sustained a head injury

12 September 2011

The accident happened in the morning of September 12 at the 12 km of highway Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Milkovo. "Volga" car entered the oncoming traffic lane and crashed into Toyota Crown and...

Head of traffic police to conduct a safety class

02 September 2011

Addressing the school children the head of the Russian traffic police said that the class had been meant to take place at the beginning of semester. During long summer vacations most of teenagers...

Traffic police inspectors to visit school on September 1

01 September 2011

"In anticipation of the beginning of the new semester traffic police authorities had accomplished a voluminous work scope next to school buildings, gave an assessment of the safety standard in...

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