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It is up to adults to think about road safety of children14 August 2015
According to the State Road Traffic Inspectorate statistics, within first six months of 2015 there has been 69 743 road accidents in Russia, with 8 377 people killed and 91 230 injured, including 172 children killed and more than four thousand children injured while being passengers in different means of transportation. Warm seasons bring with them a significant increase in road accident rates, with severity of such accidents increasing as well. Primarily it is linked to the carelessness of drivers tending to think of road...
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Moscow Region Road Traffic Safety Department announces uniqu...16 April 2014
The Moscow region has been selected for an extensive study into the causes of child injuries in car accidents. The region was chosen not on its merits as such, but because all possible accident factors can be seen in this location. Let us start by looking at the study itself. NGO Road Safety Russia and the Russian Health Ministry’s chief paediatric surgeon, Vladimir Rozinov, initiated the project. They proposed to the General Department of Road Traffic Safety that a study be conducted to determine in which kinds of accidents and...
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Child road safety: statistics, facts, proposals04 December 2013
The public forum on Road Traffic Management and Safety in the Russian Federation opened in Moscow on 3-rd December. Discussion centred on a draft public report assessing road traffic management and safety in the Russian Federation’s constituent entities. The NGO Road Safety Russia produced the fourth section of the report, “Child Safety on Russia’s Roads”, and also organised the session “A Safe Road for the Next Generation”. The president of Road Safety Russia, Natalia Agre, moderated the session. Ms Agre...
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Frankfurt Motor Show: Russian public awareness campaign, ‘Ca...12 September 2013
At the International Automotive Film and Multimedia Festival, AutoVision, ‘Car Seats for Children’, the Russian public awareness campaign promoting safety for children travelling in cars, organised by the General Department of Road Traffic Safety, the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) and NGO Road Safety Russia, received an award. A key component of the campaign, the TV advert, ‘Car seats for children’, won the gold ‘Otto Car’ award in the Road Safety and Accident Prevention category. The award...
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Road Safety Russia NGO takes part in Frankfurt Motor Show10 September 2013
All motorists are eagerly awaiting for the Frankfurt Motor Show -2013. One of the biggest international car shows will be opened on September12. Inconnection with this event the Road Safety Russia NGO is preparing a special project which collects the most important innovations in the field of car safety. Environmental protection and fuel efficient cars and other vital items for environmental safety are among the basic topics of the latest motor shows. This time the organizers will get on with this subject to raise it to the absolute. The...
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Sixfold increase in fine for failing to use a child restrain...10 July 2013
In St Petersburg today, at the final meeting of its spring session, the Federation Council approved amendments to the Law on Road Safety. The amendments include the introduction of a higher penalty for failing to use a child restraint when transporting a child under the age of 12. The fine is to be increased to 3000 roubles. Prior to this, the NGO Road Safety Russia, together with the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, had surveyed Russians to ascertain their views on child safety in cars. More than a third of respondents (37%) supported...
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Road Safety Russia is certain that concerted action can save...05 April 2013
Today, on the second day of the Global Meeting of NGOs for Road Safety, Anastasia Bakhmutova and Alexander Revskiy from Road Safety Russia presented a paper on “The Russian Experience of Road Safety Public Awareness Campaigns”. They spoke about the nature of their organisation, the themes which it has been addressing recently, and its plans for the immediate future.   The Road Safety Russia representatives informed their audience that in the last few years their organisation had campaigned against drunk driving (“Had a...
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Results of Russian child safety programme presented at WHO m...27 March 2013
The seventh meeting of the Advisory Board for the Road Safety in 10 Countries Project (RS10) was held in Moscow on 27 March. Several pertinent issues were on the agenda: the WHO global report (2013), the federal programme “Improving Road Safety in 2013-2020”, the results of implementation of the RS10 project and proposals for 2013, and the results of social advertising aimed at improving road safety.   The following were among the invited guests and WHO experts in attendance: the president of the NGO Road Safety Russia,...
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"Child Seat to Children" wins "social project of the year" a...13 March 2013
On 12 March 2013 the III solemn ceremony of the Golden Bear-cub National Award was held at the Korston hotel in Moscow. 20 award-winners in 16 nominations received the honorary diplomas and commemorative gold bear-cub figurines. The All-Russian Child Seat to Children project implementing the Responsible Parenting program won the prize in the Social Project of the Year nomination. The nationwide Child Seat to Children project is carried out for two years by the Road Safety Russia NGO in partnership with the State Road Traffic Safety Department...
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10,000 schoolchildren attended lessons at «Road Safety Schoo...22 January 2013
Last year 10,000 schoolchildren got practical training in basic road traffic rules with the help of the special «Road Safety School» bus-simulator. The special-purpose bus was manufactured by the “Hyundai” company in August 2010 under the initiative of the Road Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation, the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the “Road Safety Russia” NGO. The first training sessions for junior schoolchildren were organized in autumn 2010 during the...
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The winner of the competition “My Child in a Car Seat” was a...18 December 2012
“Road Safety Russia” NGO and Road Traffic Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation have announced the results of the online competition “My Child in a Car Seat”. The winner is Anna Tihonova from Ivanovo, the photo of her child collected the majority of votes - 2198! Anna will be awarded with special designer fir tree and her son will receive New Year greetings from the real Father Frost. Our congratulations to Anna and her family!   We would remind you that “My Child in a Car...
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Round table on child road users’ safety was held in Moscow17 December 2012
A round table on child safety and the outcomes of the All-Russia “Child Seat to Children” and “Walk of life” social campaigns, which were focused on prevention of road accidents involving child-passengers and child-pedestrians, took place 17 december in the Children's city clinical hospital №9 named after G.N. Speransky, Moscow. The forum was attended by Mr. Victor Nilov, lieutenant general of police, Head of the Road Traffic Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation; Mr. Vladimir...
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Summing up the outcomes of “Child Seat to Children” campaign...12 December 2012
On 17 December 2012 at 12.00 a press conference devoted to the outcomes of the All-Russia “Child Seat to Children” social campaign will take place in a conference-hall of the Children's city clinical hospital №9 named after G.N. Speransky. The campaign was intended to popularize the use of special child restraints and to protect the child-passengers’ rights. Among the attendees of the meeting are Mr. Victor Nilov, lieutenant general of police, Head of the Road Traffic Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior of the...
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“Child Seat to Children” campaign staged in Chuvash Republic04 December 2012
The “Child Seat to Children” social campaign is taking place in the Chuvash Republicas part of the All-Russia event initiated by the Road Traffic Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation in partnership with the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) and the “Road Safety Russia” NGO. A news conference devoted to the safety of child-passengers was held on 30 November 2012. Vladimir Romanov, acting Head of Road Traffic Safety Department for the Chuvash Republic; Sergey...
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Social ad banners call up Moscovites to buy car seats06 December 2011
Developing campaign «Car seat to children!» Banners of social campaign were installed on Moscow streets Large billboards with social advertisements suggest Muscovites are buying car seats instead of toys; they were installed especially to time up with campaign «Car seat to children!» This wide-scale action is initiated by the State Traffic Police jointly with the Russian Car Insurer Union (RCIU) and the non-governmental organization «Risk Free Road Traffic». «In order to persuade parents to take care...
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Europe to learn about Russian social campaigns on the Road S...16 November 2011
Victor Kiryanov explained in Geneva how effective road safety social campaigns are in Russia The Russian social campaigns aimed at improving road safety have proven to be effective – this was the message the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, police Colonel-General Viktor Kiryanov made speaking at the 14-th meeting on Co-operation within the framework of the UN in the road safety area in Geneva. According to him an initiative of the Russian Interior Ministry traffic police was realized this year as a...

Campaign "Car Seats for Children"

On the New Year’s Eve we rush to buy gifts and above all we want to please our children. Often we forget that a car we are driving to search for presents is a vehicle of heightened hazard and that the younger is the passenger the greater risk he is exposed to.


The statistics shows that almost 7000 road accidents involving child-passengers occurred for nine months of this year, 400 children were killed and 7650 children sustained injuries. And according to the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research studies the number of car owners who don’t have any child restraints or who don’t plan to purchase child seats has significantly increased (from 39 % up to 70 % in Russia and from 38 % to 71 % in Moscow).


“Car seats for Children” campaign is waged in Russia for the second time. The first event was launched on 1 November 2011 and had positive outcomes. Nevertheless this is a burning issue because road casualties and injuries among children are still very high. That’s why it was decided to stage this campaign again.

The objective is to convince parents that a special car seat is vital for the safety of their child. Even on the first trip from a maternity home a newborn should be transported in an infant bucket seat. One more expensive toy is not a sign of real parent’s love. Real care comes out of the adults’ responsibility for their children.

Safety of a child is the best New Year gift!


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Circumventing the law could cost a child's life Natalia Agre, 24 September 2013
It has been just over two weeks since changes to the law introduced a higher fine for failing to use a child restraint when transporting a child in a vehicle. While it is of course too early to draw conclusions, there are clearly some grounds for alarm.   The fine has been increased substantially, and many parents have finally started to think seriously about buying a...
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Present children with a сhild seat! "The Red North" Regional Newspaper of Vologda , 21 December 2012
Father Frost is confident: a child car seat is the best gift to drivers. On the New Year Eve you can hear a lot of advice what to buy to your kinsfolk and relatives for presents. The State Road Traffic Safety Department of the Vologda Region has an advice of its own - a child car seat is the best New Year gift. Mrs. Svetlana Korjakina, a resident of the Vasilevskoe village of...


It is for 75 year running that the General Department of Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation has been involved into serious activity to prevent motor vehicle accidents (MVA). There are numerous programs underway to decrease MVA statistics, to improve driver training and behavioral response for all road traffic participants. Conducting social campaigns aimed at teenagers and children the State Traffic Police is investing into the safe driving in the future.

The Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) is a non-government organization involved in obligatory insuring liability of the owners of motor vehicles. RCIU was founded August 8, 2002 by the 48 largest insuring companies in Russia; the union was officially registered dated October 14, 2002; in fact the union is the first professional union on the insurance market having the status confirmed by the effective Russian legislation. RCIU is permanently involved in initiating campaigns to improve the road traffic situation actively promoting the importance of increasing the safety status of not only drivers but passengers as well.

We unite all who is not willing to stay passive on the issue of extremely high risk associated with driving Russian roads. We unite those who values their lives and who cares about the lives of their close relatives. Those whose potential loss will be always remembered. We stay united to decrease the deadly toll in our roads. We want people to follow the road traffic rules because their children are following their role models. We advocate the polite conduct as living a life charged with positive emotions is great fun. Do you want to drive safely? Join us and invite your friends.

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