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Launched in May 1993, Avtoradio is now the most popular FM station among Moscow radio listeners. Its regional network, covering more than 300 Russian towns and cities, is one of the largest in the country. It is indisputably Russia’s No. 1 radio station for motorists. is a portal for free advertising of cars for sale. It provides access to more than 80,000 advertisements for 135 models of car, 3000 articles, up-to-date news and interesting discussions. 

"Pervyi Avtomobilnyi" is an online television channel devoted to motor vehicles, where you can put your questions to the experts and discuss subjects relating to cars, motorbikes and quad bikes. 

The Driving Schools Guild is a not-for-profit, non-governmental partnership with the following objectives: contributing to government policy on motor vehicle driver training; coordinating the activities of Russia’s driving schools; representing the professional interests of educational institutions at government level; and raising the professional competencies of driving instructors and the quality of driver training. 

Avtodeti® is a registered trademark, known not only in Russia, but also abroad. The company was founded in 2005 as an information centre on child passenger safety. Avtodeti has both an online shop and physical stores selling child car seats produced by leading international manufacturers. The company is committed to selling only those models of car seat that have performed well in crash tests. The company’s mission is to protect young passengers; in keeping with this, it donates part of its profits to social projects.

"Za rulyom" was Russia’s first motoring magazine. It leaves no motoring subject untouched. Its contributors include experts from leading research centres: the Automobile and Motor Vehicle Central Research Institute, the Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University, and the St. Petersburg Polytechnical University. Tests are conducted at a variety of locations, including the Dmitrov Теst Facility, the AVTOVAZ test facility, and on tracks in Scandinavian countries. 

The Courteous Driver Centre for Improving Road Safety is an autonomous non-commercial organisation. It was set up with the following objectives: to prevent socially dangerous forms of behaviour by the general public; to promote road safety; to promote and foster courteous behaviour among road users; to reduce the number of road traffic accidents and traffic offences; to help improve the Russian Federation’s road traffic regulations; to contribute to research in the field of road traffic; and to provide information and advice to the general public and non-commercial organisations. 

The popular Avtomobily magazine was first published 14 years ago. As for its subject matter, the name says it all. While most motoring magazines cover only a limited range of subjects (news, tests, history and sport), Avtomobily publishes articles on an almost unlimited array of topics, applying just two main editorial criteria: reader interest and practical value.

The National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI) is a leading Russian market research company, with specialist expertise in conducting market research for banks, insurance and investment companies, as well as for governmental organizations and  state regulators of those markets.


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