Traffic police will protect the rights of bus passengers

26 August 2011

Recently in Russia there was another surge of accidents involving buses. In most cases these accidents are very grave from the consequences standpoint. "Unfortunately, the number of accidents caused...

Parents are asked to remind children the main provisions of Traffic Rules

26 August 2011

As the new school semester is about to begin the Traffic Police recommends that parents remind the children basic rules of safe behavior on the road. "Usually every year in late August and early...

The child seat day will be celebrated by giving memos to drivers

24 August 2011

It is expected that in all major cities the last weekend of August will be marked by inflow of cars. Children with parents will go in cars to the shopping areas. The shopping will deal with preparing...

Campaign "Attention to the Road" became the best social project in Russia in the category "Social Marketing"

25 June 2009

The social campaign "Attention to the road" was organized in 2020 by the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia together with the Ministry of Education and the...

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