Russia is the largest country on the planet. With a great history and architecture. High and intensive road traffic in the country require pedestrian alertness and attention.

Useful apps

They will simplify navigation in cities and make a trip more interesting

Important tips for a pedestrian

Useful recommendations for navigation in Moscow:

  • Use the navigator to compose safe and interesting routes
  • Plan your time in advance
  • The numbers on buildings will help you to find way around, one side of the street has even numbers, the other one has odd numbers. Numbering starts from a city center
  • In large (beam) streets/avenues, it is easy to find a subway or transport going towards the city center.
  • Get lost? - Subway is your reference point.
  • Contact a police officer - you will get help

Do not forget about traffic regulations observance:

  • The safest kind of pedestrian crossing is an underground or overground one. Please look for them by signs.
  • Please cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, better with traffic lights - it is safer this way
  • Do not go to the traffic way, even on a green light, until all the cars stop.
  • Before crossing the road, look left, right and left again, then step to the crossing
  • At the crossing, take the position allowing the maximum visibility
  • Please watch not only the car, but also the driver
  • In the absence of an established pedestrian crossing in sight, choose the safest places for crossing the road.
  • In the darkness hours, please use retroreflective elements

Penalties for pedestrians:

  • The penalty for crossing a road on a red light is 500 rubles;
  • Penalty for crossing a road in the wrong place is 500 rubles;

Addresses of stadiums on the territory of Russia:

  • 76 V.I. Lenina Avenue, "Volgograd Arena", Volgograd, coordinates: 48.734569, 44.548119
  • 5 Repina Street, "Ekaterinburg Arena", Yekaterinburg, coordinates: 56.832222, 60.573611
  • 115a Khusaina Yamasheva Avenue, "Kazan arena", Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, coordinates: 55.820928, 49.160856
  • "Kaliningrad stadium", Oktyabrsky Island, Kaliningrad, coordinates: 54.69715, 20.537417
  • "Luzhniki stadium", 24 Luzhniki Street, Moscow, location: 55.715833, 37.553611
  • "Spartak Stadium", 67 Volokolamskoe Highway, Moscow, coordinates: 55.817778, 37.440278
  • "Nizhny Novgorod stadium", Nizhny Novgorod, area of confluence of the rivers Volga and Oka, coordinates: 56.337626, 43.962753
  • "Rostov Arena", Kirovskiy district, Rostov-on-Don, left bank of the Don river, coordinates: 47.208333, 39.741667
  • "Samara Arena", Sorokiny Khutora and Radio Center district, Samara, coordinates: 53.275714, 50.238594
  • "St. Petersburg Stadium", Krestovsky Island (western part), St. Petersburg, coordinates: 59.972222, 30.220278
  • "Mordovia Arena", between the Volgogradskaya and Communisticheskaya streets, Saransk, coordinates: 54.182869, 45.201412
  • "Fisht Stadium", Olympic Park, Sochi (Adlerskiy district), coordinates: 43.402222, 39.955556


Bicycle transport is a dynamically developing component of
the Russian Federation transport system. Its advantages are environmental friendliness,
economically efficient city rides and intercity communication for short distances, absence of
problems to find a parking place. Short cycling rides are
an excellent health-improving aid.

Useful recommendations on bicycle rent in Moscow

How to use a bike rent:

  • Register in the bike rental system with the help of the Visa or Mastercard bank card, or the "Troika" card - get the login and PIN
  • Approach the bike and press OK on the keyboard, enter Login\PIN or attach a card bound to your account in the bike rental system and enter the PIN

How to use a bike rent:

  • carefully inspect the appearance of the bicycle, check its serviceability. If a bike is defective at the time of receipt, it is necessary to return it to an empty cell and take another one. Replacement of a bike is free of charge.

On return:

  • Insert the bicycle into any free lock. Push the bike as far as possible into the lock until the locking device snaps.

Detailed information on the bike rental services rates, kiosks, as well as fines, you can find on the website

During a ride do not forget to follow the traffic regulations

  • Movement is permitted on bicycle paths and lanes, and in absence thereof - along the right side of the road way or the roadside
  • Do not ride a bicycle on pedestrian footpath (except when accompanying children under 14 years old)
  • Respect other persons engaged in bicycle traffic, be attentive to pedestrians, ensure traffic safety;
  • Do not overtake vehicles;
  • In the absence of bicycle paths, move along the right side of the road;
  • Do not carry passengers and goods on a bicycle;
  • When riding around a car, make sure that the driver and passengers do not open doors;
  • Give special signals to other traffic participants to indicate your intentions;
  • When crossing the road, be sure to dismount and keep the bike at your side;
  • Use protective equipment: helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads;
  • In the darkness hours, do not forget about the retroreflective elements;
  • Eliminate distractions: mobile phone and music distract you from the road;
  • Observe safe distance;
  • Do not stop too close to trucks;
  • A person is allowed to carry only one bicycle in the ground passenger transport;
  • Bicycles are to be put in the passenger compartment through the second door.

Using a taxi in Russia

Taxi in Russia is an inexpensive, comfortable way of transportation. The modern taxi fleet network is able to considerably meet the demand of passengers. It is important to note that the infrastructure is concentrated in major cities. Thus, the time of car arrival can vary from 1 minute in the city to 15 minutes in the suburbs.
When choosing a transport operator, it is worth paying attention to its legality. Large taxi aggregating agents do not cooperate with illegal carriers and can be considered reliable partners.

Convenient apps of large aggregating agents

The largest aggregating agents have convenient apps for ordering. Some of the most reliable ones can be singled out as follows:

  • Yandex taxi
  • Gett taxi
  • Uber
  • Vezet

These aggregating agents offer a fixed trip cost. The most difficult situation with carriers is around large transport and infrastructure facilities.

An airport can be considered a first encounter.

  • Do not agree with the offer of random taxi drivers at the airport, it's expensive and not safe!
  • If calling a taxi using via app is impossible, use the taxi stand at the airport.

Do not forget about your safety

  • Make sure to fasten yourself during each trip, and when transporting small children when ordering a taxi, specify the presence of a child safety seat;
  • It is more convenient to use non-cash payment, as in the case of a cash payment a driver may have no change;
  • At the end of the trip the driver should close it in the app - pay attention that you receive a message about the end of the trip;
  • The taxi has a free waiting time, most often it is up to 5 minutes.
  • In case of a conflict, contact the Aggregators Support Services or the police.


The developed network of roads in Russia allows to move comfortably in passenger cars. Large spaces, interesting routes will make your acquaintance with our country fascinating.

Useful apps

Yandex Navigator

A simple interface, a decent knowledge of cities and roads connecting them will make it an indispensable companion.

Car sharing

The largest car sharing companies are: AnyTime and YouDrive

The application allows you to conveniently and quickly pay for parking

Useful information on choosing a rental company

  • Address large rent companies, avoid private offers. This is for your safety!
  • Large rental companies require a deposit
  • The rented vehicle and its driver are subject to all traffic regulations.
  • Penalty notifications come to the address of the rental company. Reimbursement of these losses will be charged off from the deposit account.
  • Please take time to study the contract. Companies differ not only in value, but also in rent terms.
  • Pay special attention to insurance. An obligatory part of it is Civil Responsibility Insurance (OSAGO) - liability to third parties in case of a road accident. The additional part is the comprehensive and collision insurance (CASCO) - allowing to compensate the damage caused to the rental vehicle
  • A number of companies offer a separate option of insurance not only for property, but also for the life/health of passengers.
  • Large rental companies allow to return the car in another city, which expands the geography of trips.

Useful information on the use of card sharing in Moscow

  • You can use the service 2 days after the online registration, there is no need to personally visit the office
  • Per-minute payment
  • A car can be taken only with a positive balance of the VISA/MasterCard payment card

Please refer to detailed information on the card-sharing at company's website.

  • Do not forget about traffic regulations observance: to drive a vehicle, a national or international driving license is required, that meets the requirements of the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic or accompanied by a certified translation into Russian
  • Observe the speed limit: the maximum permitted traffic speed in the city is 60 km/h, outside a city it is 90 km/h, on highways - 110 km/h. Speeding fine is 500 to 5000 rubles;
  • Driving in a state of alcoholic intoxication is strictly prohibited: Fine for driving while drunk is 30,000 rubles;
  • Strictly follow the signs of traffic lights, road signs and road marking;
  • Please fasten your seat belt;
  • Please switch dimlights or daytime running lights on even during daylight;
  • Please switch on turn indicators in advance
  • Do not ride to a dedicated lane intended for public transport;
  • Please decrease the speed when approaching the pedestrian crossing areas: The penalty for refusing to give way to a pedestrian is between 1,500 and 2,500 rubles
  • Use communication signals
  • Respect other road users

Urban transport

Public transport is an integral part of the life of citizens. Maximum connectivity of routes allows to reach the most remote parts of the city. With a high traffic density and the ability to move along dedicated lanes, public transport has a speed no slower than the average speed of cars, and in some cases even exceeds it.

Convenient apps

To simplify urban navigation, one should be aware of the following applications:

  • Yandex transport (operates in more than 70 major cities of Russia)
    • The application allows you to build routes using different types of ground transport
    • It works in 70 cities of Russia
    • It provides an opportunity to find out the transport arrival time and track the traffic along the route.
    • A detailed map of the city will help you find your way and find the nearest stop or subway station.
  • Moscow transport (Moscow)

Important tips for a passenger

Ground transport tickets:

  • Tickets for one trip by ground transport can be purchased at ticket windows located at stops, and in case of their absence - from a driver.
  • A one trip ticket is valid for 5 days.
  • Different tickets are used for different cities.

"Troika" transport card:

  • Moscow payment card "Troika" gives the right to make trips within the credited amount in all types of public transport at fixed rates.
  • The card can be issued at subway ticket windows, kiosks of the Moscow Central Railway Ring, in the Euroset stores - the refund value is 50 rubles (the deposit is returned with the return of the card).

How to top up the "Troika" card:

  • The "Troika" card can be topped up for up to 3 000 rubles and pay for one-off trips via subway or ground transport.
  • The money on the card is saved for 5 years from the moment of the last top-up.
  • The card can be topped up at ticket windows and ticket machines of the Moscow subway, Mosgortrans, Aeroexpress
  • Delay between payment of trips is not less than 7 minutes


  • A fine for an outstanding trip is 1000 rubles. Including if the trip is paid by another passenger by his or her card.
  • The controller issues a fine payment receipt.
  • In Moscow, if the public transport is equipped with a validator, you can make non-cash payments via PayPass, PayWave, ApplePay, etc. Free trip for fans:
    • In some cities, special free transportation will be available for fans. Its routes can be found at To use it one needs to have a fan's ID and a ticket for a match.
    • To trip between cities for free the fans have to register on

Do not forget about your safety:

  • Plan your route in advance;
  • While waiting for transport, stand far from the road
  • Stand where everything is clearly viewed
  • Do not approach the road before the bus completely stops
  • Prepare trip documents in advance
  • Get in through the first door of the bus, but get off through the back ones.

Rail transport

Today rail transport is the most predictable regarding the time. Without encountering traffic jams and other problems on its way, it can maintain a high average speed. In the urban and suburban environment, it can be regarded as one of the safest forms of transport.

Convenient apps

These applications will help you find the fastest and most comfortable way.

  • Yandex Metro
  • Aeroexpress
  • MCC - Moscow Central Circle
  • CPPK - timetable and route of Moscow electric trains

Useful recommendations for passengers

Moscow subway:

  • Before the trip, please find out which car is closest to an exit or a passage.
  • Maximum passenger traffic period is 8.00 to 11.00 and 17.00 to 20.00, please, avoid the "rush hour".
  • In the subway, a male voice declares a stop towards the center, a female voice - from the center.
  • Watch your belongings
  • Refuse from trips in subway in case of strong inebriation - it is better to call a taxi.
  • The exit and passage signs are located at a station's ceiling. Sometimes they are duplicated by pointers on the floor.


  • The trains direction diagram can be viewed on the Moscow subway map;
  • Each station has a board displaying the arrival time of the next train;
  • Average waiting time of the train is 6 to 15 minutes;
  • The stations of the MCC intersect both with the stations of the Moscow subway and with the shuttle trains pages;

"Troika" transport card:

  • The Moscow payment card "Troika" gives the right to make trips within the credited amount at fixed tariffs.
  • The card can be issued at the subway ticket offices, MCC kiosks, in Euroset stores - the refund value is 50 rubles (the deposit is returned with the return of the card).

How to top up the "Troika" card:

  • The "Troika" card can be topped up for up to 3 000 rubles and pay for one-off trips via subway or ground transport.
  • The money on the card is saved for 5 years from the moment of the last top-up.
  • The card can be topped up at ticket windows and ticket machines of GUP "Moscow Metro", automated kiosks of GUP "Mosgortrans", "Aeroexpress" ticket windows.
  • Delay between payment of trips is not less than 7 minutes

Suburban trains:

  • A ticket can be bought at railway station ticket windows, in rare cases, if a ticket window is not available, the ticket can be purchased from a conductor
  • Arrive at the station in advance
  • The ticket has a barcode at the bottom. Do not wet and wriggle it in any way.
  • Ticket gates are installed on both entrance and exit, please keep the ticket!
  • The ticket is not bound to time, you can make one trip during a day
  • The center of a station is equipped with a board displaying timetable of electric trains and departure lines thereof
  • The railway has many departure lines. The beginning of each one has a pointer showing the departure line number, direction and time of departure.

Trains to airports - Aeroexpress (Moscow):

  • All the airports are located outside the city. Taxi is a less efficient transport to get to an airport.
  • Departure to Airports is as follows:

    Sheremetyevo-Belorussky railway station (Belorusskaya subway station)
    Domodedovo - Paveletsky railway station (Paveletskaya subway station)
    Vnukovo - Kievskiy station (Kievskaya station)
  • Upon arrival at the station, please look for red signs
  • The trip cost is 470 rubles when buying a ticket in a terminal.
  • Buying a ticket via an application makes it cheaper.

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