About us

Since its establishment in 2007, non-governmental organization Road Safety Russia has united highly qualified experts focused both on development, implementation and management of programs and social campaigns and on working as a professional team within international projects.

Road Safety Russia areas of expertise are: road safety, public safety and public health, environment and sustainable transport in Russia and the countries of CIS.

We consider all aspects of road safety as an integral intellectual commodity – a long-term strategy aimed to improve road safety for all road users and reduce economic and social risks both for society as a whole and for companies and organizations individually. Our objective is to join the efforts of Russian ministries, departments, private companies, NGO, drivers and other road users for achieving the state of constant activity aimed at decreasing the number of casualties on the Russian roads. This objective can only be achieved by changing the mind set and behavioral patterns of drivers. Together we can make the roads safer.

Our work is mostly commissioned by government and international organizations, as well as by companies working in the automotive industry and related fields. We work with companies and organizations that are active at local and regional levels, as well as take part in large-scale international projects.

The quality and effectiveness of our solutions is consistently confirmed by real improvements in the situation on the Russian roads, as well as recognized by our clients and the international expert community.

Road Safety Russia principles are:

- Start with yourself
- Respect everyone on the road equally: drivers, passengers and pedestrians
- Buckle up
- Safety seat for every child
- Give way to law enforcement and public transportation vehicles
- Speeding and cutting in ahead of someone is unacceptable
- Do not run the lights
- Drinking and driving is inexcusable
- Never drive in the oncoming lane
- Give way to pedestrians
- Look out for motorcyclists

Our qualities

INTEGRITY – provision of a complete service from initially outlining and understanding the issue to providing a solution with constant monitoring and performance evaluation; 

SCALE – implementation of projects involving all Russia’s regions and including all sectors from the general public to regional government. Work with leading international organisations; 

PROFESSIONALISM – over eight years’ experience, supported by a team of highly skilled specialists and a pool of experts; continuous involvement in the implementation of practical projects; 

COMPETENCE – constant networking and sharing of experience with leading Russian and international organisations in the road safety sector;

OPENNESS – willingness to engage in open and constructive dialogue with representatives from the expert community; 

RESPONSIBILITY – compliance with Russian and international business standards and legislation.

Our commitment

Consultation with the client with regard to the existing road safety context;

Analysis and initial outlining of the task;

Creation of a unique concept in response to the client’s remit;

Implementation and integration into organisations of road safety solutions;

Media support for the solution implemented;

Monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness.

Key dates

2007 - “Belt up or you’ll be belted” paved the way for future projects.

- This project laid the foundations for a productive partnership between Road Safety Russia, the General Department of Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation and the Russian Association of Motor Insurers.

2009 – Road Safety Russia was a key partner in the organisation of the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, "Time for Action".

– The project was used to launch the Decade of Action for Road Safety;

– Road Safety Russia was able to establish a unique pool of experts in the road safety field.

2010-2013 – Implementation of more than 15 national road safety projects, organisation of major international road safety conferences, numerous consultancy contracts, delivery of training and specialist courses on road safety issues to a range of audiences.

If you want to contact us, find out how to get us involved in your project or support us in any way, please:

- Tel. +7 495 9815761
- Email: info@rsrussia.org
- facebook.com/rsrussia.org


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