Russian Polling Agency Conducted Screening on Child Safety in Cars

11 November 2011

The All-Russia opinion poll was made on the eve of the start of "Car Seat to Every Child!" campaign. It was found that it was found of drivers carry children in baby seats. These are the findings of...

The driver runs down a woman with a boy and runs off

09 November 2011

The driver "Lada" ran down a woman and her 8-year old child. Mother and her child were seriously injured. The driver run away from the scene leaving his car. His ID is established. The search for the...

On November 12 "The Treasures of Cresland” will be sought in the theme park named after GORKY

07 November 2011

On November 12 from 1 PM to 5 PM in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure (Central Theme Park) named after A.M.Gorky an education campaign "Cresland Treasures" will be held as a part of a...

A boy was catapulted from car onto the road

07 November 2011

After crossing the oncoming traffic lane an SUV had a head-on collision with a passenger car. The collision was so strong that a young passenger who was not fastened catapulted from the cabin on the...

"Cresland Treasures" visited Ryazan

06 November 2011

Only ten Russian cities Ryazan inclusive were lucky enough to take part in the All-Russian large-scale campaign "Car Seat to Every Child". After visiting Kaluga, Tula, and Tambov... the show was...

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