A young family died because of an unauthorized speed merchant

21 October 2011

The motor vehicle accident developed in the morning of October 21 at the 385 km mark of highway Moscow – Crimea between the cities Olyol and Belgorod. Behind the wheel of Opel Omega there was a...

Safety child seat saved life of a 2 year old passenger

17 October 2011

Foreign-made car crossed the middle line and bumped into bus. Fortunately, not a single bus passenger got injured. A husband and his wife driving in a passenger car died. A 18-year-old girl sustained...

Traffic inspectors, drivers and bikers to donate blood at blood transfusion stations

14 October 2011

Every single day there are motor vehicle accidents happening in Russia. MVA casualties should undergo blood transfusion procedure. The All-Russian action «Auto-MotorDonor» takes place...

The driver was found and sentenced for the death of children

12 October 2011

Dmitry Tikhonov was at large because he stroke and killed two children. Yet he did not escape the punishment. He was found in the settlement of Kolchugino. Inspectors from the Criminal Investigation...

Citizens of Petersburg will take pictures to document violations of traffic rules

10 October 2011

The number of people who died or was injured in MVA is extremely high in Saint-Petersburg. Every year about one thousand people die on the roads of the region, more than 13 thousand get injuries;...

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