A passenger died in turned over inner-city shuttle bus

10 October 2011

The accident happened at 5 am at the 4 km of the Moscow outer belt road in the area of Nosovikhinskoye highway. The inner-city shuttle bus «GAZel» with 5 passengers on board was driving...

Baby dies on "mother’s arms"

07 October 2011

The accident happened in the evening of October 6 at the Omskaya Street in Kurgan. There was a 21-year-old driver behind the steering wheel of VAZ 99 whose driving license had been revoked for one...

Mother crushed her child with her body

05 October 2011

The accident occurred in the evening of October 4 in Tomsk on the Academic Avenue. «Mitsubishi Fuso» truck began making a left turn without letting the oncoming traffic to pass. As a...

Children in the car seat escaped with a minor shock

03 October 2011

The motor vehicle accident at the day time on October 2 in the Upper Salda (in Sverdlovsk region). A 28-year-old woman was driving the eighth LADA model; inside the car there was her 6-year-old son....

Unfastened baby received multiple injuries

30 September 2011

The accident was registered in the evening at the 24 km of Naberezhnye Chelny – Sarmanova highway. As many as three domestic passenger cars collided: "Lada Kalina", "Lada Priora" and 14-th...

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