Tambov saw "Cresland Treasures"

05 November 2011

On November 5 a large-scale campaign "Car Seat to Every Child" was held in Tambov. The campaign was initiated and conducted by the Department of traffic police of the Russian Interior Ministry, with...

The tragedy was caused by the fog, ice and the lack of car seats

03 November 2011

Minivan skidded on a slippery road. It went into ditch turning over several times. Small passengers got the most serious injuries: two children were delivered to the intensive care unit, 7-year-old...

Fines for uninstalled child car seats should be much higher

02 November 2011

It is necessary to increase significantly the penalties for transporting children in cars not equipped with car seats. This proposal was made by the president of NGO "Risk Free Road Traffic" Natalia...

Social campaign "Car Seat to Every Child" began November 1

01 November 2011

On November 1 a large-scale social campaign "Car Seat-children" was rolled out in Russia. The campaign was initiated by the Russian Interior Ministry Traffic Police Inspectorate with support of the...

Children died in school bus traffic accident

31 October 2011

A tank-truck crossed the middle line in an attempt to avoid a head-on collision and hit a bus carrying 16 students. KAMAZ truck tore the right side of the bus open. Two girls died and 14 other...

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