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Jawsy received recognition in Geneva

22 February 2017

February 21, 2017 – Russian social video named “Jawsy” won a prize at the 2017 Global Road Safety Film Festival in Geneva. Jawsy took an award in the Innovations in Road Safety...

Smart car algorithm sees pedestrians as well as you can

10 February 2016

It's one thing for computers to spot people in relatively tame academic situations, but it's another when they're on the road -- you need your car to spot that jaywalker in time to...

Lack of reflective elements on the clothing will impose a 500 rubles fine as from July 1, 2015

26 June 2015

The new development will affect those who travel after dark outside of residential areas. You need to remember that when driving with dipped beams, a driver can notice a pedestrian at 25-30 meters,...

What grinds Russian driver’s gears

17 April 2015

Research department of the «» information portal has explored what annoys Russian drivers most of all. Resulting data was shared with The Village. Overall, being send up the...

Follow the advertisement – follow the forecast

16 April 2015

Social advertisement urging drivers to be careful in poor weather has appeared in seven Russian regions in context of the Safety Forecast campaign, initiated by the Russian Association of Motor...

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