Car seat for child safety

23 October 2011

Nowadays children start travellling in cars from the first weeks of life. For child safety during this trips it is necessary to buy a car seat. How to make the right choise taking into accout child's weight and age?

Choose by weight

There is no necessity to persuade modern parents in the fact that car seat is vital for child since his birthday and until 12 years. This clause is settled in law - since 2007 new rules began to act in...

Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The bus, incompatible with life

10 October 2011

First time in history - series of criminal cases was opened because of public transport dangerous condition.

First in the criminal article were mentioned buses. In Moscow were opened five cases, in Russia - more than fifteen. 

If the automobiles come to their routes in the emergency condition - there will be real judgment so that to prevent services that don't meet the requirements of life and health.

Author: Vladimir...

"Komsomolskaya pravda" newspaper

Buses in Vladimir are the most dangerous in central federal region!

06 October 2011

It is 8 times more dangerous to use public transport in Vladimir than in Moscow! Competition on the routes of low drivers qalification?

This was the news from the chief of the Vladimir region State traffic inspection on the road safety meeting.

Author: Aleksey Suhov

Publication date: 06.10.2011


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