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Life and death on the world's most dangerous roads

18 March 2013

More than 1.2 million people are killed on the road every year – and more than 20 million are injured, according to a World Health Organisation report published on Thursday.

This makes road accidents the eighth leading cause of death globally – comparable in impact to communicable diseases such as malaria – and the WHO estimates it could rise to fifth in the rankings by 2030 unless action is taken.

Road traffic injuries take an enormous toll on...

Natalia Agre
President of the NGO “Road Safety Russia”

Who will save our children?

31 January 2013

Very often it’s hard to determine who is to be blamed for a road accident and who is innocent. Sometimes a pedestrian runs out to cross a carriageway in a wrong place or a driver exceeds speed limit or a passenger doesn’t fasten a seat belt. But among the road users there is a group of people who can’t be accused of anything. They do not bear any responsibility for themselves as yet: they do not decide what speed to drive at, whether to fasten or not, they know nothing...

Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Roads without fools

25 January 2013

Around 100 billion roubles will be invested in the construction of modern motorways in Russia. But how this huge sum of money can be spent rationally? There are a lot proposals but each of them conceals certain drawbacks. No guarantee that the allocated billions will be spent with the utmost effectiveness. Here is one example which may turn out to be unexpected for many people. Today the road...


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