Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Roads without fools

25 January 2013

Around 100 billion roubles will be invested in the construction of modern motorways in Russia. But how this huge sum of money can be spent rationally? There are a lot proposals but each of them conceals certain drawbacks. No guarantee that the allocated billions will be spent with the utmost effectiveness. Here is one example which may turn out to be unexpected for many people. Today the road...

"The Red North" Regional Newspaper of Vologda

Present children with a сhild seat!

21 December 2012

Father Frost is confident: a child car seat is the best gift to drivers.

On the New Year Eve you can hear a lot of advice what to buy to your kinsfolk and relatives for presents. The State Road Traffic Safety Department of the Vologda Region has an advice of its own - a child car seat is the best New Year gift.

Mrs. Svetlana Korjakina, a resident of the Vasilevskoe village of the Veliky Ustyug district, gave birth to a daughter named Milana on her own birthday. She was...

Vechernyaa Moskva

Adults are guilty of children-passengers deaths

16 November 2011

Parents don't use car seats while driving with their children.During the last period the number of people died or injured on the country roads decreased. But the amount of children-passengers died or injured on Russian roads increased dramatically. Adults are guillty of this situation. Parents don't use car seats while driving with their children and pay for this carelessness too high price - healt and life of their children.

Author: Elena Andreeva


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