Updated online version of the Ford Safe Driving Academy launched

22 December 2021

Yelabuga, Tatarstan, Russia, December 22, 2021 - Sollers Ford announces the launch of an updated online version of the Ford Safe Driving Academy - a free unique training program designed to increase knowledge of road safety. To date, the Academy team has accumulated a unique expertise and methodology for the theoretical and practical training of beginners and professional drivers in a live format, which is now reflected in the online version of the training program.

Ford's Virtual Safe Driving Academy is an educational program based on many years of experience with various categories of drivers. The project serves an important purpose - to draw public attention to road safety issues, and also provides an opportunity to get important knowledge on safe driving for free to the widest possible audience and thereby contribute to Russia's strategy to reduce the accident rate and achieve zero deaths on the country's roads.

The project partner is the Driving Without Danger Expert Center (hereinafter referred to as RBS), with the support of which more than 8,000 drivers have already been trained free of charge at the Academy in 17 regions of Russia. Over the past years, the Academy has gained recognition from the expert community and proved its relevance by annually conducting trainings for beginners and professional drivers. The 7th training season took place in October 2021 for 200 ambulance drivers in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

 The virtual training program was developed by a team that included experts from the Academy, RBS, coaches and racing drivers - winners of Russian and international competitions, holders of the international certificate RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and the Austrian "Test and Training". When adapting the program, the natural, climatic and road conditions of Russia were taken into account, as well as statistics related to road accidents and key risk factors when driving.

Anyone can study at the Virtual Academy - the program is designed for those who are interested in traffic and automotive topics. The main audience - drivers - beginners and experienced, amateurs and professional carriers - those who plan to obtain or already have category B rights to drive cars and small trucks.

Taking an online road safety course will also be useful for those who act as passengers, as well as for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers of personal mobility devices (scooters, hoverboards, etc.), thanks to training they will be able to better understand those who drive a vehicle and as a result, they can adjust their behavior on the road. Increasing the level of mutual understanding between road users and the culture of behavior on the road is one of the most important areas of work in the framework of the prevention of road accidents, and therefore, special attention was paid to this topic as part of the training.

12 thematic blocks on key safety issues are included in the training program: seat belt and passive protection in the car; child restraint and transportation of children; alcohol intoxication, sober driver; reaction and response time of the driver; choice of distance; car preparation; blind spots; safe driving techniques; overtaking; movement in winter conditions, main aspects; braking technique (reception); maneuvering in a limited space; driving culture.

 Training in the Virtual Academy can be done individually or with the whole family, including involving children and teenagers, since the interactive format and game mechanics make immersion in the subject of road safety an exciting process.

The project website is designed as an interactive illustration with different locations. After registering on the site, the user gets access to the lessons of the online academy. Training consists of two blocks: "Theory" and "Practice". By selecting one or another site on the map of the Academy, the user will be able to gain knowledge on one of 12 topics and watch a training video. Next, the user passes quiz tests to consolidate the material covered. In the course of training, after some lessons, users will open four mini-games on the topics covered. After completing the Academy course, each user will receive a personalized certificate that can be shared on social networks. Project hashtag #virtualacademyford

Ford Virtual Security Academy is based on a specially designed site adapted for mobile devices, so training can be done from the screen of various electronic devices (computers, tablets, laptops, phones, etc.).

Training in the Virtual Academy allows you to acquire knowledge that will help road users better navigate the road in all situations and minimize the likelihood of an accident.

Become a member of the project - https://dsflford.ru

About the Ford Driving Skills for Life global project

The Ford Safe Driving Academy is a social initiative of the Ford Motor Company Fund, implemented by Ford Sollers as part of the Ford Driving Skills for Life global project, aimed at improving driving skills and reducing the number of accidents on the roads.

The Ford Driving Skills for global social program has been running in the US since 2003, has been implemented in Europe since 2013, and in Russia since 2014. Ford Driving Skills for Life is the first project in the history of the automotive industry to provide free



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