Competition "The best teacher in teaching the basics of safe behavior on the roads"

10 November 2021

In November 2021, the All-Russian competition "The best teacher for teaching the basics of safe behavior on the roads" will start, organized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Contestants will be able to take part in one of the following nominations: “Classroom instructor of road safety”, “Best leader of a group of young traffic inspectors” and “Best road safety methodologist”.
The competition will be held on the digital platform of the portal
Leaders, teachers and class teachers of general educational organizations, teachers-organizers, teachers of additional education, counselors, educators, social teachers, methodologists, organizers of student self-government can prove themselves and compete for prizes. To participate, it is necessary to place on the digital platform of the competition a participant questionnaire, consent to the processing of personal data, a color portrait photograph, a methodological development on the topic of life safety on the roads, information about its implementation, a pedagogical case on teaching safe behavior on the road and the competition material in the form of a link to video message published on the Web “Pedestrian, stop!” with hashtags #BDD #Ministry of Education of Russia #VTsKhT #MentorBDD2021.
The first - correspondence - stage of the competition will be held in November. Then the jury will announce the 15 best works in each category, which go to the final stage. It will be held remotely. Participants will be offered to pass 3 competitive tests: “The ABC of Road Safety” (you need to demonstrate the ability to organize the process of teaching children of different age groups to be safe on the road), “Attention, there are children on the road!” (to analyze a difficult traffic situation) and “Designing a section (module) of the development program of an educational organization “Formation of students' skills of safe road traffic”. The last test is a group test: participants will need to develop a section of the program of an educational organization aimed at developing the norms and skills of safe behavior on the road among students.
All participants of the final stage automatically become finalists of the competition and are awarded with diplomas in electronic form. Also, in each nomination, the winner and laureates who took second and third places will be determined.
The purpose of the competition is to develop a system for the prevention of child road traffic injuries, improve the forms and methods of work of educational organizations to promote road safety. And the main tasks are to identify and replicate the best author's methods and practices of pedagogical workers in teaching children safe behavior; motivation of the pedagogical community for the development of competencies in the field of education of a culture of behavior on the roads and the promotion of a comprehensive system for the prevention of child road traffic injuries by employees of educational organizations.
The results of the competition, as well as the winners and laureates, will be announced at the awards ceremony, which will take place in December 2021.
Also, all relevant information is available on the website of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture "All-Russian Center for the Development of Artistic Creativity and Humanitarian Technologies":



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