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Safety Laboratory sets off on a journey to the Russian regions

10 March 2015

Large-scale interactive playground “Safety Laboratory” will become one of the distinctive events in the Safety Forecast social campaign initiated by the Russian Association of Motor...

Invisible Menace scientific documentary to help you withstand wind and weather

02 March 2015

Drivers and pedestrians will learn about weather influence on road safety from Invisible Menace film, the first Russian popular science film on this issue. The documentary was made in context...

Safety Forecast will tell university and driving school students of invisible threats on the road

27 February 2015

Crimean universities, colleges and driving schools will be engaged in educational programs within the Safety Forecast campaign initiated by the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the State...

Safety Forecast federal campaign started in Crimea

24 February 2015

Safety Forecast social campaign, organized by the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the State Road Traffic Inspectorate at the Ministry of Interior, has officially opened in Simferopol....

Russian pedestrians required to wear reflectors

25 November 2014

Russian pedestrians walking along the roadside or on the road itself in the dark are now required to wear reflective elements on their clothing. They should be visible in the dark, which has...

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