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Chuvash drivers first to be trained in the “Art of Braking”

27 March 2014

Training courses in the “Art of Braking” have begun in Russian regions. The training is the central event of the “Brake in Advance!” public awareness campaign. This is an...

Training in the “Art of Braking” will show drivers that they must brake in advance of pedestrian crossings

21 March 2014

Driving school instructors and drivers are to be trained in the “Art of Braking”. These special lessons, designed to improve attitudes and behaviour on the roads, will be the central...

“Brake in Advance!” campaign to teach students road safety

19 March 2014

As part of the “Brake in Advance!” campaign, events are being held in universities in the capital of Chuvashia. The drivers among the students are being told how important it is to brake...

Road safety to be taught at pedestrian crossings

14 March 2014

As part of the large-scale public awareness campaign “Brake in Advance!” pedestrian crossings are to be turned into mobile points to teach road safety to drivers and pedestrians. The...

Main Events of the “Brake in advance!” Campaign to Be Held in 10 Russian Regions

06 March 2014

The “Brake in advance!” campaign is a large-scale public awareness campaign initiated by the General Department of Road Traffic Safety of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the...

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