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Penalties for traffic offences in Russia – high or low?

09 September 2013

The amendments relating to traffic offences which have been introduced to the Russian Code of Administrative Offences and came into force on1 September 2013 are currently being hotly debated in the...

Keep your distance and brake in time

05 September 2013

Motorists want to avoid accidents as much as possible and ideally altogether. So they need to know to stop safely. Unfortunately, unexpected obstacles are often encountered on the roads: the car in...

Amendments to the Russian Code of Administrative Offences Take Effect

01 September 2013

Federal Law No. 196-FZ of 23 July 2013 came into effect on 1 September 2013. The law introduces amendments to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences and also to Article 28 of...

Natalia Agre: “The issue of road safety is inextricably linked to attitudes and behaviour”

03 July 2013

On 3 July President of the NGO Road Safety Russia, Natalia Agre, took part in a round table discussion on “The relationship between officers of the State Automobile Inspectorate and road users:...

To change road-user behaviour the work must start with pre-school children

26 June 2013

The topics for the second day (21 June) of the International Conference on Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety in Kyiv included the issues faced by the most vulnerable road users, shaping attitudes and...

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