Start of the social campaign “Attention on the road!”

30 June 2020

The 30-second video “The Vanishing” appeared on the air of federal television channels on June 24. The video is the starting point of the social campaign “Attention on the road!” which focuses on the problem of drivers’ and pedestrians’ distraction.

The video uses the metaphor of “disappearance”, showing that when a person is distracted by something, he disappears as a car driver or as a pedestrian. Whether he thinks, answers a call, or speaks to the passenger, the car becomes uncontrollable and rides “without a driver”. The same thing happens with the pedestrian - he does not hear and does not see what is happening around, which means he is not able to respond to the danger.

The main goal of the video is to demonstrate the inadmissibility of distracted attention while the driver is on the road. The video aims to draw the attention of a wide audience to the existing problem, its relevance and danger in the modern world.

The federal social campaign “Attention on the road!” is aimed to preventing traffic accidents related to traffic violations due to distracted attention among all categories of road users. It is being implemented as part of the federal project “Road Safety” of the national project “Safe and High-Quality Roads” by the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with the participation of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

“The Vanishing” can be seen on Channel One and Channel 24.


You can watch the clip on our Youtube channel:



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