Natalia Agre
President of the NGO “Road Safety Russia”

Do mention the speedometer

06 April 2012

Speed – is the main reason of all troubles on the roads. Excess of the speed limits or incorrect speed choice is a particular type of driver's offences. For ordinary drivers such things as "hanging outs" on the roads, driving on the oncoming traffic side, moving on the red light – are unacceptable and forbidden. Such driving is very dangerous and can lead to serious consequences. At the same time, rather small excess of the established speed mode is considered as quite normal and...

Valery Kozlov
MD, Professor, "human factor" expert

Pedestrians should be taught psychology on the road

13 February 2012

There is a remarkable psychological expression - there are no good or bad people, there are people following a correct or erroneous behavior program. Therefore, the growing numbers of pedestrians involved in traffic road accidents can be only explained by improper setting of the system of the road safety. This system, therefore, is not capable of developing correct behavior program among pedestrians. Already the recognition of this fact allows starting the search of effective tools to reduce...

Mikhail Blinkin
Scientific director of the Research Institute of Transport and Public Road System

Gruesome fate of pedestrians in Russia

07 February 2012

The domestic statistics of motor vehicle collisions with pedestrians was always discouraging. Today it is getting even worse. This conclusion is especially visible against the background of progress Russia recently made in getting tangible improvement in all other indicators of the road traffic safety.

The pedestrian hit statistics has many causes; I will elaborate on the most obvious ones.

Mega-cities in developed countries feature road network that is divided into two...


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