Nataliya Agre, the President of the “Risk-Free Road Traffic” Expert Center, participated in International Consultations on Road Traffic Injuries Prevention in Geneva

22 November 2017

The headquarters of the World Health Organization in Geneva hosted international consultations on global voluntary targets in the field of road traffic injury prevention.

Participants of the consultative meeting were representatives of the World Health Organization, the United Nations European Economic Commission, the United Nations Children's Fund, as well as more than one hundred experts in the field of road safety from 30 countries.

The Delegation of the Russian Federation, which included Nataliya Agre, the President of the “Driving Risk-Free Road Traffic” Expert Center, and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Health, was headed by Major-General of Police Mikhail Chernikov, Head of the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the draft targets in the field of road traffic injury prevention, that have been developed by the World Health Organization.

The document is intended to solve the task of monitoring the progress in achieving the targets in the field of road safety, included in the goal of sustainable development – a UN program document for the period up to 2030 adopted by the UN General Assembly.

The targets and the related progress indicators cover the organization of road traffic safety management issues in conditions of increasing population mobility, improving the safety of vehicle design, protection of various categories of road users, as well as measures to respond to road traffic accidents.

The Russian delegation made several comments and constructive proposals, in particular, the assessment of the condition of road infrastructure in terms of road traffic safety. They also suggested to adjust targets and indicators characterizing the exposure level to major risk factors: driving in the state of intoxication, overspeeding, the non-use of seat belts and motorcycle helmets by vehicle drivers and passengers, as well as transportation of children without child restraints.

It is assumed that, after the approval of the draft document by all parties concerned, it will be submitted for approval to the World Health Assembly in Spring 2018.




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