"Unfastened" girl suffered because of adult negligence

21 September 2011

The accident occurred on September 20 in Primorsky Territory in the city of Nakhodka. The driver of «Toyota Mark II» did not observe the distance requirements and collided with «Toyota Premio» vehicle in front. The collision occurred at a slow speed. Adults were shaken but not hurt whereas a child was injured. A 10-year-old girl was sitting in the backseat of «Toyota Mark II». In violation of the traffic rules she was not sitting in a special car seat, and was not protected. The child sustained a complicated head injury, injured spinal cord and was brought to the hospital.
The little passenger was injured because of the fault of adults. They were responsible for the safety of children driven in cars. The traffic rules require carrying children under 12 in a special restraining car seat.
Since the beginning of the year as many as 13 children died in car accidents in Primorsky Territory, more than half of them sustained fatal injuries as passengers. The number of accidents involving drivers who have violated the rules of children transportation already grew by 30%: there are no child seats in passenger cars, the children are not fastened. Despite the negligence of adults the seat belts and child seats can protect lives and health of little ones. 



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