Video film of the Crossing Difficulties campaign won an award of the Russian national contest of social advertisements among governmental authorities

19 December 2017

The video film of the Crossing Difficulties social campaign won an award of the Impulse Russian national contest of social advertisements among governmental authorities. The video film titled Safe Crossing. Pedestrian became a bronze award winner of the contest in the Best Video Advertisement nomination.

The video film Safe Crossing. Pedestrian is central to the Crossing Difficulties Russian national social campaign held early this year by the State Traffic Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia jointly with the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the Risk-Free Road Traffic expert center. The campaign aimed at focusing the attention of pedestrians and drivers on interaction between them since this has a direct impact on the safety of pedestrians, including children.

During the campaign, the video was watched by millions of Russians as it was broadcast on the country’s central TV channels.

The Crossing Difficulties project was promoted at the federal level as a result of an information campaign, support of regional authorities, nongovernmental authorities, and the media. Besides, educational events were held across the country; they were developed for the campaign and relied on an individual approach to each age group: children in kindergartens, schoolers of various ages, students, trainees of driver training centers, debuting and experienced drivers.

Police Major General Mikhail Chernikov, Head of the Russian State Traffic Police Inspectorate, said that a high award of the Crossing Difficulties social campaign emphasizes again the quality of projects implemented at the national level and competences accumulated in Russia in the area of traffic safety matters.


“Each project is preceded by a thorough and detailed analysis of the situation; experts examine data of the State Traffic Police Inspectorate in terms of the relevant accident rate figures, initiate surveys of the Russian National Public Opinion Research Centers, and, having received data, identify the most vulnerable aspects to be improved. We have been winning awards at the contest for three years in a row so it means that we perform a really important and necessary work. Our goal is to improve the level of culture of road users and raise responsible drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. The interim results of this work can be seen today, said Natalia Agre, President of the Risk-Free Road Traffic.


“Roads in Russia’s large cities are unfortunately not the best place for a pedestrian. People are run over while crossing over and this is currently the most serious problem of pedestrians. It can really be solved, but it needs a complex approach. We hope that the current projects will considerably improve the road safety level in Russia and the developed programs and approaches to road user training will help us raise a new generation of responsible drivers and pedestrians”, - says Igor Yurgens, President of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers.

The Impulse Russian National Contest of Social Advertisements is held by Russia Today, an international news agency. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of social advertisements in Russia and form practices of social responsibility based on moral and ethical standards and interests of society. This year, the contest has broken a record in terms of applications. Representatives of the governmental authorities from all the federal districts of Russia and the CIS participated in the contest. Over 500 applications were submitted for consideration to the jury panel. The winner award ceremony was attended by the heads and representatives of the federal and regional governmental authorities, the media, higher educational institutions, and nongovernmental organizations. Winners of the contest were given Impulse souvenir figurines, which symbolize social energy giving momentum to creativity and sustainable development.



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