The Risk-Free Road Traffic expert center participated in the launch of the program for dual training of mechatronics

14 December 2017

The Risk-Free Road Traffic expert center has cooperated for several years with Ford Sollers, a major automobile company, in terms of implementation of socially important projects, including a program for drivers titled Ford Safe Driving Academy developing safe driving skills. This year, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Tatarstan and the Risk-Free Road Traffic expert center, Ford Sollers completed the implementation of the first phase of launching the dual education system in the Mechatronics specialty of secondary specialized educational institutions in the Republic of Tatarstan and successfully held three-day training for teachers.

Trainings were held at the secondary specialized educational institutions: Elabuga Polytechnic College and the Kamsky State Automechanical College, as well as at the Ford Sollers production facilities in Elabuga. “Our trainings are the first step on the way to improve the level of workers training for the automobile industry by mastering a new specialty, - said Nadezhda Smolnik, Ford Sollers project manager. – We brought together the best specialists from 9 secondary specialized educational institutions of Tatarstan and Russia, and, along with them and related specialists, developed ways of introducing the new and currently demanded specialty – Mechatronics. We propose to teach this subject within the dual education system, according to which the specialist training process involves two parties: an educational institution and a company ready to subsequently employ the trainees of this system. And this role can be presently taken by Ford Sollers”.

The dual education system in the leading European countries has not been innovation since long ago and is actively used in countries such as Germany and Austria. They have a legal framework for this system work and, upon graduating from a secondary special institution students get actively involved in the profession having the skills required by a specific enterprise starting from their first working day. “What is dual education? This is, in fact, one of the options for close cooperation of education and production, said Anna Sidorenko, Head of the Vocational Education Department of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tatarstan, on the first day of training. – Perhaps, fortunately we are not yet toughly regulated in this field. Under the current legislation, aware of what dual education is, we can shape our own forms of interaction. But we are aware of only one thing – that the main objective is a company’s worker. When a child is employed, even though under a student agreement, he/she is a company’s worker. Only in this case we can talk about a dual system.”

On the second day of trainings, Azat Mustafin, Cand. Sc. (Education), assistant professor at the Naberezhnye Chelny Branch of the Kazan State Engineering University – Kazan Aviation Institute, and expert of Worldskills in the Mechatronics field, explained why the pilot project will work in the Mechatronics field. He finds mechatronics to be a science dedicated to the creation and target operation of machines and systems, movements of which are determined by computers. “It is based on knowledge of mechanics, microprocessor equipment, computer science, electronics and computer management of movements of units and machines, - said A. Mustafin. – Today the Mechatronics specialty is among the top 50 new and promising professions most demanded in the labor market and requiring secondary vocational education”. It should be reminded that the Mechatronics subject is already registered in Order No. 1550 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated December 09, 2016 “On approval of the federal state educational standard of secondary vocational education for specialty 15.02.10 Mechatronics and mobile robotics (by industries)”, and this document includes the entire list of the necessary areas of education, requirements for the terms of the program implementation, a list of worker professions, employee positions recommended to be developed under the educational program and other items of the program the educational institution will rely on in case of deciding to introduce this subject in its list of specialties.

To sum up trainings’ results, having analyzed these surveys of the participants concerning the efficiency of the event, Elena Borisenko, a leading analyst of the Risk-Free Road Traffic expert center, said that all the participants in trainings (100%) concluded that they are useful and plan to use knowledge gained during trainings in their work. “76% believe that Russia could develop a successful dual education model for secondary vocational education (18% chose the “other” option explaining it by the need to take into account the economic sector, for which staff is trained, revision of regulatory documents, and other concurrent factors). 65% of respondents will partly introduce the mechatronics models developed during trainings in their curricula; 35% will try and introduce them in full scope; and 94% of participants in trainings would like to participate in further trainings on dual education”, - summarized the analyst.

At present, Tatarstan has several secondary specialized educational institutions ready to train mechatronic students according to a dual system where Ford Sollers will be an employer. Implementation of the second phase of the dual education system in the Mechatronics specialty will continue and the first pilot groups of trainees can be enrolled next academic year. The Risk-Free Road Traffic expert center supports the idea of the new education model at secondary specialized educational institutions and believes that quality education of the automobile industry specialists is not just a precondition for the company’s success, but care for the safety and good condition of the end product – a car with the help of which the humankind lives the third century.




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