Safety Forecast will tell university and driving school students of invisible threats on the road

27 February 2015

Crimean universities, colleges and driving schools will be engaged in educational programs within the Safety Forecast campaign initiated by the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the State Road Traffic Inspectorate at the Ministry of Interior.

Invisible Menace scientific documentary screening turned out to be a key event in educational institutions. The film addresses primarily the younger audience. Dynamic plot and artistic graphics catch the attention of the viewers, which helps a faster understanding of snow, rain, ice and fog influence on the situation on the road. Rules on the road were not the only thing easy to remember – scientific facts about the weather were memorable as well. This fact is indicated by the results of the test held right after the Invisible Menace screening.

Educational program participants were engaged in recreational activities as well. Students were able to take pictures on a special stand with the Safety Forecast optical illusion background, and share the pictures via social networks. Thus, they’ve become the “ambassadors” of the campaign and shared its key message with their friends.

The necessity of individual events for university students is explained by the fact that many of them are drivers with little experience or are only planning to get their license. It is therefore important to convey the main social campaign points to the young audience in an accessible way. Among such points are: air temperature and rainfall influence on the road surface; tire-road adhesion; car braking distance on ice; water membrane on the road during fog; poor visibility, and others. Educational program students learned that solid knowledge is crucial behind the wheel, that is why it is important to choose driving school wisely.

Information available in the campaign is relevant for educational institutions for driving instructors as well. According to a joint Road Safety Russia and the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center survey, nearly half of the drivers got insufficient information or no information at all on driving in bad weather during their driving school classes. Safety Forecast campaign events complement the basic driver training program and offer quality material on the subject.

It should be noted that the Safety Forecast campaign will be launched next week in Tyumen region and Krasnodar Territory. Large-scale educational activities will also take place in Bashkortostan, Mari El, Kalmykia, Astrakhan, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, and Voronezh regions.

Feedback from the participants of the educational program:

Elena Kiseleva, Head of the Department of Educational Work of the Sevastopol Trade and Economics College:

-          We participate in such a large-scale action for the first time. Being teachers, we are extremely satisfied, as the classes include crucial parameters – visualization and persuasiveness.  It should be noted that the program includes game-like activities; the students are involved in the process and do not feel bored.

Anastasia Novozhenina, 1st year university student:

-          I am not a driver, but the classes were educational for me as well. I didn’t know a lot of the given information, for example, what course of action was necessary for the drivers when feeling tired. I am turning 18 soon and planning to get my driving license. I am confident that I will remember the main rules of conduct in poor weather. Along with my classmates, I was also happy to receive the campaign presents given to us today. They will be useful and we will wear light-reflecting elements during fog and at night-time.

Oleg Didenko, driving school instructor in Sevastopol:

-          Unfortunately, it is impossible to give such a high level of information and statistics in the course of a standard educational program. The educational film that was shown to us includes scenes with road safety experts sharing their knowledge and the main rules of conduct on the road. I think that this information will keep from careless action all our students that planned to become road racers right after graduating. Everyone will remember the importance of gearing down and keeping distance.



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