Road safety topics integration into the curriculum ensures future improvement of road culture

04 April 2016

For more than eight years, Road Safety Russia has been developing and implementing federal projects on road safety improvement and raising awareness on road safety topics. With 15 All-Russian communication campaigns already realized, it is safe to say that Russian mentality is one of the most influential factors of road safety education.

Road Safety Russia shows that road safety education can only be possible with a continuous approach, with educational programs accompanying road users from their early years to adulthood: trainings for parents in perinatal centers; interactive programs for kindergarteners and primary school students; educational classes for middle and high school students, highlighting the importance of road safety for driving school students; reminding adults of their responsibility towards the safety of children.

Our expertise acquired and multiplied with each and every of our campaigns allows us to say that one of the most effective instruments in bringing up a responsible and educated future generation is the integration of road safety topics into the existing school curriculum. With this purpose, as well as in order to support the activities undertaken by the Russian Ministry of Education, Road Safety Russia has developed a unique educational instrument - an interactive lesson.

Within the Keep the Distance All-Russian social campaign, initiated by the State Road Traffic Inspectorate at the Russian Ministry of Interior, Russian Association of Motor Insurers, and Road Safety Russia, interactive lessons “Safe following distance – foundation of safety for all” will be introduced in more than 300 schools.

High school students will be able to apply physics formulas and the Newton’s law to calculate the braking and stopping distance in order to see for themselves how braking distance depends on the speed of the vehicle. Physics basics will help the students to learn the significance of road safety rules.

The lesson consists of solving several problems and presenting homework on the safe following distance topic. By the end of the lesson, both students and teachers will have spelled out key principles of safety, including those of road safety. That way, road safety education received by students today will help them become responsible and careful road users in the future.

It is safe to say that similar integration of interactive lessons can help resolve not only road safety problems, but also a whole series of topical social issues in the country.

Within the Keep the Distance campaign, special physics lessons will be held in 11 Russian regions: Smolensk, Leningrad, Belgorod, Perm, Saratov, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov, Khabarovsk, Stavropol regions, Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol.



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