Residents of Vologda dispel myths about seat belts

11 May 2013

On 11 May the nationwide public awareness campaign “Buckle Up!” arrived in Vologda. The campaign is being run by the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs together with the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the NGO Road Safety Russia. Among those in attendance at the official opening ceremony in Revolution Square were: deputy governor of Vologda Region, Oleg Alexandrovich Vasilev, deputy head of the City of Vologda and head of the Town Planning and Infrastructure Department, Alexei Feodosevich Osokin, head of the Vologda Regional Department of the State Automobile Inspectorate, Nikolai Alexandrovich Latyshev, archpriest Andrei Tulyakov from the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky in Vologda, and Alexander Revskiy, representing Road Safety Russia. These participants were the first to try out the campaign’s road accident simulator, and they shared their impressions with the audience.

More than one thousand residents and visitors to the city turned up to test their knowledge of road safety regulations, take part in a vote “for” or “against” seat belts, have their photographs taken in matryoshki stand-in cutouts, and have a ride in a road traffic accident simulator. Even newly-weds came to take part in the events.

There was a fun educational zone especially for children, where they could colour in large pictures of matryoshki wearing seat belts that had been drawn on the pavement. 

Meanwhile, at a separate stand, adults learnt about the basic rules of child safety in cars: a special child restraint must always be used when transporting a child in a car.

Vologda residents also got to see the two metre high matryoshka that has been created to represent their region. The doll is the work of Lyubov Korchagova, who is a teacher at the Gubernatorial College of Folk Arts (further education institution). Her matryoshka could be described as “a beautiful lacy woman standing for road safety in Vologda Region”. Vologda Region is part of the North Economic Region and is in the North-West Federal District. Reflecting the region’s location, dark blue was chosen as the main background colour (signifying the North, cold and frost). Vologda lace is part of the folk art tradition of the North of Russia. It is known for its intricate and varied designs, clean lines, rhythmic patterns, and fine craftsmanship. Ms Korchagova’s work of art conveys these features of Vologda lacework; she has successfully incorporated the seat belt image into the lace design of the matryoshka’s costume, maintaining the integrity of the decoration.

The events at Revolution Square continued all weekend. On 13 May the simulator was moved to the RIO shopping centre, and on 14 May it was taken to the stadium of the Vologda Regional Organisation of the Russian Education Trade Union. On 15 May it reached its final destination, the Maksy shopping centre on Gorky Street. In addition, from 13 May to 16 May, there will be special road safety activities in nursery schools, with actors dressed up in matryoshka costumes, and from 29 to 31 May there will be events for learner drivers and taxi drivers. Dates and times of upcoming events can be found on the Road Safety Russia website



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