Matryoshka competition winners announced

09 July 2013

The organisers of the large-scale “Buckle Up!” public awareness campaign, the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Association of Motor Insurers, and the NGO Road Safety Russia, have announced the winners of the campaign competitions: “Paint your own Matryoshka”, “In a Matryoshka” and “Matryoshka Contract”.

In the “Paint your own Matryoshka” competition, the entry by Vyacheslav Bondarev from Zelenograd was the favourite, with 2322 votes. Vyacheslav will be receiving his prize, a modern smartphone, very soon.


Evgeny Mokievsky from Vologda is the winner of the “In a Matryoshka” photography competition: his photographs received 3355 votes. Evgeny has won a tablet computer.

The winner of the competition for the youngest entrants, “Matryoshka Contract”, was also announced: Vasily Pavlyuchok from Moscow. His photograph with “A Very Important Contract” and a coloured-in matroyshka received 428 votes. The prize for his active participation and responsible approach to car journeys is a child car seat.


In total, more than 5000 people took part in the matryoshka-themed competitions. Although each competition had its own approach to the symbol of the “Buckle Up!” campaign (a matryoshka wearing a seat belt) they all had the same objective: to remind the Russian population once again that seat belts must be used when in a moving vehicle and car seats must be used when transporting passengers under the age of 12. 



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