Jawsy by the State Road Traffic Inspectorate will save lives

07 March 2016

Jawsy video is a centerpiece of a new large-scale social campaign by the State Road Traffic Inspectorate at the Russian Ministry of Interiorthe Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI), and Road Safety Russia. The campaign aims to attract the attention of drivers to the topic of keeping a safe following distance, and to improve road safety culture among all road users.

For more than eight years, the State Road Traffic Inspectorate at the Russian Ministry of Interior, RAMI and RSRussia have been successful in forming road safety culture in Russia. These years resulted in many an effective social campaign and in a significant improvement in road safety culture. The professional community all around the world has recognized Russian innovations and experience: in September 2015, the Safety Forecast project received the Special award of the UNECE Forum of Road Safety at the 1st European road safety film festival for the Invisible Menace educational film, as well as more than 30 awards on different international and Russian platforms.

According to a joint study by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM) and Road Safety Russia, twenty percent of Russian citizens have relatives or friends that received injuries in road accidents, with 86% of drivers being positive that failure to keep a safe following distance is the most frequent cause of road accidents on Russian roads.

«Every day Russian drivers disregard keeping safe following distance in order to save themselves a couple of seconds on the road. We want to remind them that this seemingly harmless action can lead to catastrophic consequences, and that the seconds you save are not worth risking your life and lives of others» – noted RSRussia president Natalia Agre.

Disregard for the rules of safe following distance is pretty common on the road. This topic is brought to light in Jawsy – a new video by RSRussia. It depicts a typical situation on the road: once car gets dangerously close to another due to an unexpected braking. What is original is the way of telling us this story – with the help of a little girls and a goldfish. 

Playful tunes are artfully replaced by a dangerous turn of events, though the ending is happy no matter what. The video aims not to school the viewers, but to reach out to them with the help of humor, expression, and surprise. This fact allows to engage both children and adults, and to show them the importance of keeping a safe distance. Jawsy is available on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni68P3AsDg0) and on korins.ru.

Jawsy will start being aired on federal TV channels on March 4, 2016. This will be done mostly pro bono due to the fact that TV channels are highly interested in broadcasting high-quality social ads.

The All-Russian project is being carried out by Zavod Consulting communication agency.



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