Family actions in Russian regions during the “Walk of life” social campaign

20 October 2012

From 20 October till 1 December 2012 various educative and instructional family actions will take place in Russian cities during the “Walk of life” social campaign. The event was initiated by the Road Traffic Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation in partnership with the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the “Road Safety Russia” non-governmental organization.

Family actions will be performed in 10 cities: Saint-Petersburg, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Nizhniy Novgorod, Penza, Sochi, Stavropol, Belgorod, Kursk and Moscow. They will comprise school lessons and promoting events in large shopping centers.

«The Road Traffic Safety Department inspectors will work with children directly but not through simple information booklets, - noted Vladimir Shevchenko, colonel of police, the deputy chief of legal regulation and propagation division at the Traffic Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior. – The animators will assist us to train schoolchildren in safe road behavior and to hand over useful gifts: bags for footwear with reflecting strip, sets of pencils and many other gifts necessary for successful studies».

«Social campaigns comprise not only of special video clips and outdoor advertising boards, - clarified Natalia Agre, President of the “Road Safety Russia” NGO, - it is very important to work with people directly explaining the magnitude of the crisis personally and help people to solve this problem. And if adults can understand what’s right and what’s wrong, children need another approach. In a form of an easy game and with the help of the traffic police officers we’ll tell them about basic principles of safe road behavior. For sure such an approach will be effective».

At the lessons traffic police officers along with the animators will tell in a plain and clear way about road traffic rules, entertain children with topical riddles, recite poems about traffic signs and offer every child to take part in the “My way to school” drawing contest. The best drawings will be displayed in the shopping malls picked out for the second lap of action. Besides, at the end of the lesson every child will receive a thematic present – a set for responsible pedestrian.

The second lap of action will be held in one of the shopping malls which will be divided in topical sectors including drivers’ and pedestrians’ sectors, combined area for drivers and pedestrians, photo session and gift-outgiving sector.

Preventive actions on pedestrian safety are underway in some Russian regions. For example, in the town ofBelgorodrepresentatives from clergy actively participate in such actions along with traffic police officers. The Belgorod churchmen encourage road users to comply with the road traffic rules and to evade dangerous road behavior. Regional actions focused on the safety of the disabled pedestrians are also undertaken within the framework of the campaign.



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