Fairytale about seat belts is shown on federal television channels.

24 May 2013

Since 24 May a clay animation about seat belts entitled “Palekh Box” has been broadcast on the Pervyi, Rossiya 2 (Sport), and Rossiya 24 television channels. The advert was created as the central element of the large-scale “Buckle Up!” public awareness campaign, which is being conducted by the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in partnership with the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the NGO Road Safety Russia.

The advert can also be viewed on Road Safety Russia’s YouTube channel and website and on the State Automobile Inspectorate’s website.

The advert has been shot in the style of a Palekh miniature and the narration takes the form of a fairy tale. The concept was developed in response to studies showing that the main reason why people do not use seat belts is that they consider them to be ineffective. This view is based on various myths and tales invented by road users themselves. The aim of the advert and indeed the whole campaign is to dispel these myths.

Other elements of the “Buckle Up!” campaign are also intended to overcome the mistaken belief that seat belts are ineffective: a pamphlet entitled “Myths and Legends about Seat Belts”, illustrated by the famous caricaturist Andrei Bilzho; a special simulator that replicates the sensation of a road traffic accident at the speed of 12 km per hour; and a training film for learner drivers and taxi drivers.

Russian history and traditions are also being used as a unifying theme across the campaign elements. The campaign logo is a matyroshka: the most famous and recognisable image of Russia, symbolising not only the unity of the whole population, but also motherhood and concern for others. As part of the “Buckle Up!” project, every region of Russia has produced a two metre high “road safety matyroshka” reflecting specific regional characteristics and traditions. Each matroshka is wearing a seat belt. The project will culminate in a symbolic exhibition of all of the matyroshki, vividly demonstrating that the whole country can unite on the vital issue of road safety.

“For more than eight years now, Road Safety Russia has been campaigning to improve attitudes and behaviour on the roads, for civilised driving, for respect for other road users,” said Natalia Agre, the organisation’s president. “But attitudes and behaviour on the roads are linked to the broader issue of attitudes and behaviour in society as a whole. To teach people how to be polite and civilised on the roads, we have turned to Russian history and traditions, and this has become the unifying theme of the whole project.”

The “Decorative Box” advert was directed by the well-known animator, artist and producer Mikhail Aldashin. The animation director was Sergei Merinov, head of the “Plasticine” studio. 



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