Competition for the best decorated helmet launched in Russia

29 April 2014

On Saturday 26 April, crowds gathered on the concourse outside the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre in the Moscow region for the opening of United for Road Safety Motoseason-2014. The event was intended to help improve the attitudes and behaviour of riders of two-wheeled motor vehicles and reduce the tragic number of accidents involving such vehicles.

A competition entitled “Above All, Wear a Helmet!” was launched as part of the event. Its objective is to explain to fans of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds that a properly constructed, reliable helmet is key to safe journeys on two-wheeled motor vehicles. The competition is being run by the General Department of Road Traffic Safety of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and NGO Road Safety Russia.

The competition is open to Russian citizens over the age of 18. Entrants should decorate their motorcycle helmets so that they not only protect the wearer, but are also unusual and eye-catching. They should then photograph their helmet and upload the picture to the competition gallery on the social networks vkontakte or facebook and ask their friends and acquaintances to vote for it. The entrant whose helmet receives the most votes will win first prize: a scooter and motorcycle lessons with a reputable motorcycle training school.

A great many motorcycle, scooter and moped riders gathered for the opening of Motoseason-2014. Most of them had good quality, reliable helmets that were also hand-decorated and spray painted, and some even had custom-made helmets. Staff from NGO Road Safety Russia encouraged the owners of this “headgear” to enter the “Above All, Wear a Helmet!” competition. They helped riders to take attractive photos of their helmets and upload them to the competition galleries. During the day, more than 30 people submitted an entry to win the scooter and motorcycle training. Anyone else wishing to enter the competition can take their own photograph of their work and upload it to vkontakte or facebook for the vote. The competition closes on 3 July. 



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