A laser Traffic signal

17 September 2013

Korean artist and designer Hanyoung Lee turned his attention to the fact that in many countries the majority of deaths are due to road traffic accidents.

In most cases drivers do not pay attention to pedestrians and drive at high speed under all the signs and pedestrians in their turn do not look on the road and are knocked down.

The designer supposed that such a situation can only be solved by using special psychological techniques. This fact has prompted him to create the original laser virtual walls that can replace a traffic light.

As you can see right on the roadway during the time of red light signal for the cars real images of pedestrians walking on it appear. In this case to ignore these walls will be the same as ignored the traffic signals. But the drivers which will knock down on the "laser people" should overstep their psychological barrier that from Hanyoung Lee's point of view would be really hard to do.

The inventive transmitter has a very low power and will not damage the vehicle or someway cause harm to humans or their cars.

Sometimes the lights are not visible because of the trees or a wrong parked car. Now it will be difficult not to notice the laser image directly ahead of the vehicle.



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  • A laser Traffic signal ,i Would like to install this in my area, Whom should i contact Dhandapani Loganathan 25.09.2019 07:58


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