“Why We Need Seat Belts” Film Released

31 May 2013

A short training film about why it is essential to always use a seat belt has been shown at several driving schools. The film, entitled “Why We Need Seat Belts”, was shot as part of the “Buckle-Up!” public awareness campaign, organised by the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Association of Motor Insurers, and the NGO Road Safety Russia. The campaign organisers created the film especially for learner drivers and taxi drivers.


The film was first shown at the end of May in the ten cities where the main “Buckle-Up!” campaign events are being held: Vladimir, Veliky Novgorod, Vologda, Saratov, Arkhangelsk, Volgograd, Petrozavodsk, Kaluga, Pskov and Moscow. The first open lesson on road safety, including a screening of the short film, was held at a driving school in Moscow on 30 May.


The purpose of the ten-minute film is to remind future and existing drivers once again of the importance of seat belts and to dispel the mistaken belief that seat belts are ineffective.


“Unfortunately, most driving schools still do not run classes specifically aimed at creating a culture of mutual respect among road users,” says Natalia Agre, the president of Road Safety Russia. “Many important issues, such as the requirement to wear a seat belt or to use a child car seat, are allocated just five to ten minutes during a driver training course. This is clearly insufficient to make future drivers aware of all the dangers of failing to use a seat belt. Moreover, international experience shows that as much time as possible should be devoted to encouraging courteous and respectful behaviour by road users.” 


As for taxi drivers, they rarely receive professional instruction and the importance of ensuring passenger safety is not highlighted. According to a survey conducted by the State Automobile Inspectorate in February of this year, 50% of taxi drivers either never ask their passengers to buckle up, or only ask their front seat passengers to do so.

The need to improve the quality of training in driving schools was noted in March of this year at a meeting of the Chairman of the Russian Government with road safety experts. After the meeting, Road Safety Russia asked to be included in the working group to develop a new training programme for learner drivers. The  “Why We Need Seat Belts” film is the first of the working group’s initiatives.

As part of the “Buckle Up!” campaign, the “Why We Need Seat Belts” film will be show to several tens of thousands of learner drivers and most taxi companies. Furthermore, at the end of the campaign, the State Automobile Inspectorate and Road Safety Russia will submit the training film to the Russian Ministry for Education and Science with a recommendation that it be included in learner driver training.

It is intended in the near future to produce several more films on the most pressing road safety issues. 



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