“Child Seat to Children” campaign staged in Chuvash Republic

04 December 2012

The “Child Seat to Children” social campaign is taking place in the Chuvash Republicas part of the All-Russia event initiated by the Road Traffic Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation in partnership with the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) and the “Road Safety Russia” NGO.

A news conference devoted to the safety of child-passengers was held on 30 November 2012. Vladimir Romanov, acting Head of Road Traffic Safety Department for the Chuvash Republic; Sergey Yerofeev, deputy Chief of the Department of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief for the Chuvash Republic; Ashot Hachatrjan, deputy medical superintendent for surgery of the city hospital №3; Sergey Kudryashov, deputy Head of the Regional Department for Education and Youth; Vadim Melnikov, director-general of the “Road Safety Russia” NGO; Alexey Solovev, president of the kickboxing association of the Chuvash Republic and Vitaly Kilesov, director-general of the “PracticA” Co. Ltd took part in the conference.

The participants discussed the problem of using special child restraints in the region and possible measures to raise awareness on this issue. For nine months of this year there were 132 child-passenger casualties in the Republic, 7 children were killed and 125 sustained injuries in car accidents.

Mr. Ashot Hachatrjan, the surgeon, underlined the magnitude of the problem from the medical point of view: “The problem of child car seat non-use is quite familiar to me because I often deal with its consequences – injuries sustained by child-passengers as well as the lingering process of recovery which lasts for months”.

Mr. Vadim Melnikov, director-general of the “Road Safety Russia” NGO told about the objectives of campaign: «Our task is to convince adults, namely the future parents, and parents with children aged under 12 that it’s impossible to transport a child in a car without special restraints and even a newborn should be transported in an infant bucket seat on the very first trip from a maternity home”.

Mr. Vladimir Romanov, acting Head of Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate for the Chuvash Republic, put forward a legislative initiative to raise the penalty for non-use of child car seats up to 5000 roubles – the sum comparable to the price of the seat. For example, in some states of the USA the similar penalty amounts to $500, in Portugal– 120 euro, inSpain– 90 euro. He also offered to take over the approach adopted in European maternity homes when parents are not assented to take newborns home in cars without an infant bucket seat. The participators supported the initiative.

This very day the pupils of kindergartens №75 and №118 inthe town of Cheboksary watched an interactive performance «Once upon a time in Cressland». The protagonists - Bunny and Leo – were tasked by the Father Frost to take a trip to Cressland and find the best New Year gift. The journey was fascinating and sometimes hazardous. Young spectators watched the play enthusiastically, sincerely empathized and actively took part in it. After the performance all kids received lots of various gifts.

On 1 December 2012 an educative and instructional family action with the similar name was hosted in the «MTV-Center» mall from 12.00 to 18.00. Actors of theMoscowchildren's theatre presented picturesque spectaculars to the children and adults and invited them all to partake in the game and educational actions. In the interactive sectors children drew topical pictures and answered questions on the road traffic rules. The expert adviser helped parents to pick up car child seats for their kids, explained how to make the right choice, how to fix the seat in the car and fasten the child properly.

All young partakers received nice gifts and the most active adult participants who had shown profound knowledge in road traffic rules won child car seats.



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