Taxi crash rates are declining

07 September 2020

In the «Road Safety Russia» analyzed the data of Russian insurance companies on accidents in a taxi and came to the conclusion that the accident rate in this type of transport has been reduced. This was stated by the head of the center Vadim Melnikov on September 7 at the International Forum "Transport Security" in St. Petersburg.

According to the «Road Safety Russia» study, the number of accidents involving taxis per million km. decreased by 28% year-on-year (hereinafter, for a correct conclusion, a comparison is made of the period before the start of the coronavirus pandemic: the winter period of 2018/2019 with the same period of 2019/2020). The experts came to this conclusion after analyzing the statistics on insurance payments in taxi services in Russia.

For a systematic assessment of taxi accidents in international practice, it is customary to operate not only with the absolute values ​​of road accidents, but also with indicators that take into account the total number of vehicles and the intensity of their use. A similar research method was used in the «Road Safety Russia» study: data on the reduction of accidents in a taxi are given in terms of million km, since the fact that a taxi's mileage is several times greater than that of a personal transport was taken into account.

“Taxi travel insurance appeared on the Russian market relatively recently and so far applies mainly to customers and partners of online taxi aggregators. Several years ago, along with insurance, aggregators began to actively introduce various control technologies for travel safety - from identifying a car to analyzing driver's behavior while driving. As far as we know, such control measures do not require equipping cars with additional devices, and monitoring is completely carried out through the drivers' mobile applications. Initial measurements based on the results of the first years of work showed that such an approach is fully justified. The number of road accidents has decreased by a third, and the number of serious accidents * has decreased on average by a quarter year on year, ”said Vadim Melnikov, head of the «Road Safety Russia».

* Severe accidents in the study meant cases that, according to insurance companies' estimates, required payments in excess of 100 thousand rubles.



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