The “Distance” Became the Russia’s Best Social Project

03 May 2017

On April 28, the Federal Social Program “Distance” created in line with the President’s instructions to reduce the number of victims in road accidents was declared the winner of the 5th Annual Program “The Russia’s Best Social Projects”.

Imperial Park Hotel & SPA hosted “The Russia’s Best Social Projects” jubilee program. By tradition, the event was opened by the Forum where the top managers in the field of corporate social responsibility, representatives of various foundations and public structures discussed the urgent topics of the social responsibility development and shared their own successfully implemented cases.

The event was closed with the solemn awarding ceremony whose anchorperson was Irina Bezrukova, a famous actress of theater and cinema and a public figure. The event was also supported by Russian pop stars who made their own contribution to charity efforts and proactive work in the field of CSR: Rodion Gazmanov, Mikhail Mamaev, Maria Berseneva, Anastasiya Kraynova, and many others. In gratitude to the program organizers Rodion Gazmanov and Anastasiya Kraynova performed their popular compositions which enhanced the festive atmosphere of the evening.

This year over ten hundred projects were submitted, but only the best became winners, including the “Distance”.

Ley us remind that the reason for this social campaign was the statistics recorded in 2015, when, because of overspeeding, failure to comply with speed limits in a specific traffic situation, and non-observance of the distance between vehicles, there were 39 thousand road accidents in which 5,197 people died and almost as many people suffered injuries of varying severity. The “Distance” was implemented by the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and supported by the “Risk-Free Road Traffic” Expert Center. Its goal was to inform the road users about the importance of observing the proper distance on the road and the methods to calculate the same depending on the speed, the general condition of the driver, the road coating, and the weather conditions.

Once launched, the project was positively evaluated at various professional levels. The “Distance” received a wide information support from the largest Russian media; the federal TV channels showed the campaign’s video – “The Jaws”, which was awarded a prize at the Global Road Safety Film Festival at the Palace of Nations, Geneva, in the nomination “Innovations in Road Safety Education”. According to Igor Yurgens, the President of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers, it is sufficient “to learn to predict the situation, to select the proper distance depending on the speed, the weather conditions, and the driver’s state. If, nevertheless, an accident occurred, the campaign explains how you can settle its consequences quickly and simply – for example, to fill in a European Accident Statement form”. Prior to the campaign start, Nataliya Agre, the President of the “Risk-Free Road Traffic” Expert Center, noted that the “Distance” would train “not only adult drivers, but also little road users, instilling in them a road culture since childhood”. The campaign events took place in ten Russian regions and over 700 educational institutions.

Large-scale activities carried out through the country made their significant contribution to the statistics in this segment: after the end of the campaign, there were fewer cases of distance violation. Thus, immediately after the campaign, in May 2016, the number of road accidents due to non-observance of the distance by drivers reduced by 9.2% against May 2015; the number of injured in these accidents reduced by 7.5%, and the fatal casualty, by a third. In total, for a month in 1,201 road accidents due to distance non-observance 61 people were killed and 1,649, injured.

Receiving the prize at the 5th Annual Program “The Russia’s Best Social Projects”, Aleksandr Raevsky, the Deputy General Director of the “Risk-Free Road Traffic” Expert Center, expressed his gratitude for the Center’s projects high evaluation for the second time and the hope that all social initiatives nominated for prizes would be further developed.



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