In celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Russian Road Traffic Police, "Ford`s Academy of safe driving" free training sessions were held in Moscow

04 July 2016

Novice drivers in Moscow had an opportunity to pass a unique course of "Ford`s Academy of safe driving", which was designed for drivers with experience of less than three years, and participants thinking about receiving a driving license. The event took place on July, 2nd on the waterfront of Gorky Park and was dedicated to the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the state traffic Inspectorate. The project was implemented by Ford Sollers company in partnership with the "Traffic without danger" Expert center, with the support of traffic police of the MIA of Russia.

The aim of the social program "Ford`s Academy of safe driving" is to teach novice drivers the skills of protective driving style*. Moscow became the fifth city where in 2016 the training within the project was held. The training program is based on the most widely-spread causes of accidents with novice drivers, and includes only practical exercises.

During the one day of work, "Ford`s Academy of safe driving" was attended by more than 1000 people. Each of them was able to receive a valuable advice from professional instructors – winners of the international competitions of Motorsport, and to complete a complex of four exercises. Each of them helps to teach the skills of safe behavior and allows you to experience the real risks of unsafe behavior behind the wheel.

In one of the blocks of the program, participants were explained what distractions await them on the road and showed on practice, how the quality of driving is affected by the use of various gadgets, including texting, chatting in messengers, attempts to do a selfie while driving, updating the feed of social networks or simple conversation on the phone.

Special attention was paid to the problem of drunk driving. In order to demonstrate how alcohol affects the control of the vehicle, an innovative Fatal Vision goggles were used, which distort the perception of space. In the end, each participant was able to understand to what grave consequences from the attempt of driving while intoxicated may result.

In the area, designed to explain the main principles of communication and interaction between road users, guests could try themselves in the role of drivers of cars and trucks and also two wheels vehicles. This way, could understand where the blind spots of the truck and the car on their own experience. Because of this, we are also able to explain the need for constant monitoring of mirrors and to demonstrate their optimal settings, to remind about the changeover rules and safety when reverse driving.

On the site also worked a unique imitating collision`s simulator, whereby the participants were able to understand the effectiveness of seat belts in case of a abrupt halt at speeds up to 15 km/h. In this area the guests taught not only to use seat belts, but also to correctly use a baby car seats because of young participants of traffic needs security no less than adults.

The "Ford`s Academy of safe driving" large photozone with the Ford Mustang, which embodies the beauty of classic American cars has earned guest`s and audiences love.

One of the honorary guests was the Chief of head Department of ensuring road safety, the General Lieutenant of police Victor Nilov: " Many drivers are convinced, that if you had significant driving experience, there is no need for continuous improvement of their driving skills. Many of the exercises are  useful for drivers with a great experience, no less than for novice drivers, for whom the Academy safe driving`s training are created for. Unfortunately, we can`t cover the required number of drivers in conduction of such programs, therefore it`s necessary to adopt all of the best and to include these elements in driving courses", he said.

As noted by Natalia Agre, the President of the "Traffic without danger" Expert Center, a total of three years implementation of the program  had visited 13 regions, where more than 4,000 novice drivers could learn the skills of protective driving: "We are constantly improving the project and expanding it with new interesting and useful elements, that allow young drivers feeling more confident and safe on the road. During these three years we received hundreds of positive reviews. The participants thanked the organizers for the knowledge and skills, but also noted that they changed their behavior on the road: not only they become more responsible and considerate, but also actively applied the skills of defensive driving into practice".

The "Ford`s Academy of safe driving" program is part of a global social project of the Ford Driving Skills for Life, that was launched by the Ford Motor Company in the United States in 2003. Implementation in Europe started in 2013, and Russia entered into the list of the participating countries in 2014. Today the project is being implemented in more than 20 countries around the world. Over the past 13 years, the program Ford Driving Skills for Life has reached great success in the United States and has helped more than 815 000 novice drivers in achieving invaluable driving skills worldwide – more than 165 000 people passed a practical training and a further 650 000 have been trained online.

Detailed information about the project can be found on the official website of the program



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