Traffic police inspectors to visit school on September 1

01 September 2011

"In anticipation of the beginning of the new semester traffic police authorities had accomplished a voluminous work scope next to school buildings, gave an assessment of the safety standard in vicinity of these areas and issued orders to bring the safety standards to the level required," - said the Deputy Head of the regulatory and promotion department of the road traffic safety Directorate of the Traffic Police reporting to the Russian Interior Ministry police colonel Vladimir Shevchenko.
According to him a special attention was paid to the operational status of traffic lights, availability of proper road signs, "speed bumps" and pedestrian crossings. "Where necessary the road markings were renewed, signs were installed to warn drivers about the fact that they are passing in the area close to an educational institution where children can suddenly appear on the road which requires the driver to be extra careful," - said the traffic police representative.
On September 1 traffic police inspectors were on duty next to schools. "If necessary they helped children cross the road and reminded the basic provisions of the traffic rules not only the youngest road users but also their parents, - said Vladimir Shevchenko. - It's an open secret that until now many drivers transport children without using car seats which is a gross violation of traffic rules. Dozens of these facts were revealed in Moscow and other cities today. Inspectors once again explained the reckless parents why should not save on the safety issues. Installing and using child seat in passenger vehicles can significantly reduce the rick of getting injuries during traffic accidents and save child's life".
Vladimir Shevchenko pointed out that the work in the schools would continue. "During September our public awareness inspectors will visit all schools; they will engage in the safety lessons to remind the children the rules of behavior on the road - he said. – During summer vacations children forgot the safety basics often confusing heavy city traffic with lazy rural vehicles; as a result their alert level dropped. According to statistics, accidents involving children spike in September and this is the reason behind the timing of our preventive campaign".



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