Head of traffic police to conduct a safety class

02 September 2011

Addressing the school children the head of the Russian traffic police said that the class had been meant to take place at the beginning of semester. During long summer vacations most of teenagers stayed away from heavy city traffic and forgot provisions of traffic rules.
"This year is quite remarkable as the Decade of Worldwide Action for road safety began. "We can save millions of lives together" is the motto of the Decade for all participating countries, - said Victor Nilov. - Indeed, we must unite now to save lives, especially lives of children. Unfortunately, we still continue absorbing casualties on the road and the most precious ones are the lives of our young citizens lost in motor vehicle accidents. This year in traffic accidents as many as 500 children and adolescents died, more than 11 000 were injured or became disabled. This is a tragic situation that we have to alter together".
Victor Nilov pointed out that drunk driving remains one of the most important issues. The statistics the chief traffic inspector provided indicates that every eighth child pedestrian died in MVA was a casualty of MVA involving a drunk driver. He reminded that currently the option of irreversible revoking driving license is discussed for the drivers who drive in the state of alcohol inebriation. "I think that the person who drove a car one, two or three times when drunk clearly demonstrates personal irresponsibility towards others; so it is the society that should evaluate such behavior and decide how to punish offenders" - said Victor Nilov.
The head of the traffic police wished the children that "the road to school should be always cheerful never bringing them to misfortune". He suggested the students take care of their own safety as well which requires complying with several basic rules. "The rules are simple but they will help you avoid many troubles, - mentioned Victor Nilov. - Be careful on the roads, always cross the road at pedestrian crossing - "zebra" crossing when the green light is on, use reflective elements during night hours to be visible on the road. When you travel with your parents in the car, ask them to use a child seat or fasten your seatbelt".
"So far you are only pedestrians and passengers, but in a little while many of you will become drivers, which means that the safety of others will depend on you, - said the head of the traffic police. - I believe that you will become a law-obedient generation of road users conscious of your safety and respecting the safety of others".
Victor Nilov pointed out that all students should excel in knowing traffic rule ABC and wished the school children have straight A on this difficult but necessary subject. "Then, you will be lucky and safe on every road!" - He concluded.
Another activity of the "Road to School" - a Common Child Road Safety Day – involved in the "Journey to the Risk-Free Land" game. Within its scope there were various scenarios implemented to model typical road situations. The game involved both children and adults. The scenarios were as follows: "Bike lane", "Dr. Doolittle", "Experts on the Road", "Safety", "TR", "School Safety on the Wheels", and "Green Wave". In addition, the participants of the festival were addressed by the young traffic inspectors.
Such activities on children's safety are held these days in educational institutions across the country. Extra road safety classes are set up, there are competitions and quizzes held for school children to address the issues of road safely, young traffic inspectors are addressing the audience; exhibitions are conducted to show pictures that address road safety issues. Traffic police officers are involved in the meetings of educational advice committees, in parent meetings and in discussions under the "round tables" format.
In addition, the children take part in activities in city traffic simulators and in motor-vehicle proving grounds, promo actions are held at the streets of the Russian cities.



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