Unfastened baby sustained a head injury

12 September 2011

The accident happened in the morning of September 12 at the 12 km of highway Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Milkovo. "Volga" car entered the oncoming traffic lane and crashed into Toyota Crown and Renault Logan. The driver driving the Russian car was returning from the night fishing trip and was driving drunk. Due to fatigue after sleepless night he fell asleep, the car lost control and veered into the oncoming traffic lane.
As a result of the motor vehicle accident a one year-old child was heavily injured. The baby was sitting in the back seat of "Toyota" inside a car seat but was not fastened. At the moment of collision the baby catapulted from the restraining arrangement. The child was brought to the hospital with diagnosis of traumatic brain injury and concussion. The other people involved in the MVA got minor bruises.
Young passengers are the least protected during car accidents. They sustain the most serious traumas and injuries if compared to adults in the same situation. Not a single of passive safety means inside a car is designed for young passengers. In order to protect children during abrupt braking or collision a special restraining device was developed – this is a child car seat. According to the traffic police statistics child car seats can help prevent up to 80% of injuries. Starting with 2007 it is prohibited to carry children under 12 years in Russia without these restraining devices.



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