10,000 schoolchildren attended lessons at «Road Safety School»

22 January 2013

Last year 10,000 schoolchildren got practical training in basic road traffic rules with the help of the special «Road Safety School» bus-simulator. The special-purpose bus was manufactured by the “Hyundai” company in August 2010 under the initiative of the Road Safety Department at the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation, the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and the “Road Safety Russia” NGO.

The first training sessions for junior schoolchildren were organized in autumn 2010 during the large-scale «Roa Safety School» social campaign.

A special device imitating the seat breakaway at the impact is installed in the compartment of the bus-simulator to demonstrate the functioning of safety belts at strong braking or in case of an accident. Besides, the bus is fitted with a smoke generator to imitate smoke blanketing of the passenger compartment and it is equipped with all the necessary visual aids and multimedia means to show educative films. Such vivid and unusual lessons provided in a form of a game are very popular among pupils.

Last year aside from the regular study for children from the Moscow city and the Moscow Region there was a large trip from Moscow to Chelyabinsk involving 13 Russian regions. The bus made a 4,500-km journey and its route passed through such cities as Kazan, Samara, Perm, Ekaterinburg and many others. In each city children and teenagers attended the lessons at the “Road Safety School” with great pleasure and gained understanding in the necessity of using seat belts.

During summer school vacations the bus-simulator was actively employed in the child recreation camps of the Moscow Region and travelled to a couple of dozen towns and districts. Apart from the training sessions the road safety inspectors staged various play actions for children including competitions, quizzes and discussions on road traffic rules and showed them topical cartoons and videos. For instance, the “Road Safety School” session in the Noginsk district of the Moscow Region was supported by the members of the local motorist society who demonstrated the scooter driving technique. The lessons in the town of Ozery were timed with the child drawing contest on road safety topic and the event in the town of Zheleznodorozhny concurred with the action on passing around “Handbook for a first-grade pupil” leaflets.

The bus-simulator was most actively engaged in various events during the Ten-day action on child safety and IV International Congress “Road Safety for the Safety of Life” hosted in Saint-Petersburg in September 2012. The “Road Safety School” lessons were arranged in nine districts of the city. A large-scale child festival was staged in the “Miracle island” park of entertainments. The festival gathered a lot of children who took road safety classes, watched the performance of young road traffic inspector teams and different original groups, demonstrated their skills of safe driving at an automobile playground, participated in a “new traffic sign” drawing contest. The most active partakers received gifts.

Up to date the special «Road Safety School» bus-simulator remains a unique means of educating children in safe road behavior and advocating the use of seat belts – there are no comparables either elsewhere in Russia or near abroad. Schoolchildren across the country would be glad to see this bus in their town or district and the «Road Safety School» training sessions will take course this year.



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