Vadim Melnikov entered the TOP-10 leaders in the field of communications

18 June 2021

The General Director of The "Road Safety Russia" Vadim Melnikov for the second year in a row entered the TOP 10 leaders in the field of communications according to the results of the VII All-Russian TOP-SOMM rating.
The Association of Directors of Communications and Corporate Media of Russia annually publishes the results of the all-Russian rating of directors and departments for corporate communications and corporate relations. The rating is aimed at identifying and publicly recognizing successful industry professionals and determining the best organizations in the field in Russia.
Vadim Melnikov, a graduate of the Faculty of Sociology of the Higher School of Economics, today is the head of one of the leading communication agencies in Russia, which specializes in outreach projects of social orientation and communications dedicated to preserving and improving the quality of human life and sustainable development.
Reference Information:
The "Road Safety Russia", as a communications agency, provides a full range of services in the field of communications and marketing: research, consulting, creative development, design, advertising and PR campaigns.
• The "Road Safety Russia" is included in the Top-20 of the National Rating of Communication Companies (НР2К);
• The "Road Safety Russia" has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The obtained status confirms the high importance of the activities of the expert center in solving road safety problems in Russia, and also emphasizes the important role of a public organization in strengthening international cooperation;
• Social company "Attention to the Road" entered the top 7 best communication projects of the All-Russian competition "Silver Archer" in the nomination "Promotion of state and public programs" in 2021;
• Laureate in the nomination "Social responsibility and sustainable development" video of the social campaign "Attention to the road" in 2021;
• The social campaign “Unambiguously” became the best social project in Russia in the category “Social marketing” of the competition “The best social projects in Russia”. organized by the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with the support of The "Road Safety Russia" in 2021.
• The "Road Safety Russia" became the winner of the XVIII Annual All-Russian competition "The best corporate media of the year - 2021".



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