Kaluga’s drivers and passengers learn of the benefits of seat belts.

26 May 2013

An event held as part of the nationwide “Buckle Up!” public awareness campaign began in Kaluga’s Theatre Square on 25 May. The campaign organisers, the city and regional administrations, the worlds of sport, arts and culture, and driving schools were all represented at the official opening ceremony. Among those in attendance were: deputy governor of Kaluga Region, Ruslan Smolensky, deputy head of the Department of the State Automobile Inspectorate for Kaluga Region, Alexei Kholopov, the general director of Road Safety Russia, Vadim Melnikov, the director of Kaluga Region Drama Theatre, Alexander Krivovichev, and Priest Andrei Belovitsev from the Kaluga eparchy.


The deputy governor, Ruslan Smolensky, was happy to take part in the activities in the various “Buckle Up!” interactive zones. He even tried out the campaign’s road crash simulator. He noted that the impact of the simulated crash was very forceful, and that it was therefore essential to buckle up even when travelling at a slow speed. Any Kaluga residents wishing to experience for themselves the force of a “low” speed road crash may do so until 29 May.


After the official opening ceremony, children from the Young Traffic Inspectors organisation sang songs and chanted road safety slogans. They even performed a whole show, called “Madagascar”, about the importance of Traffic Regulations.


The “Buckle Up!” campaign organisers also ”unveiled” the region’s new road safety symbol: a matryoshka designed by Anton Lyapichev, who is a member of the Union of Russian Designers. Numerous landmarks of Kaluga architecture are depicted on the matryoshka: Zolotarev’s merchant estates, the famous Gostinye Ryady, the Drama Theatre, and the Pushky 1942 monument commemorating Russian and Soviet weaponry. The design of the matryoshka also reflects Kaluga’s status as the birthplace of space exploration, depicting monuments commemorating the life and scientific achievements of the rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Visitors to the city are greeted by a famous Yuri Gagarin monument and by the very rocket that launched Gagarin’s first space flight. These renowned sights have also been captured in Anton Lyapichev’s work of art.


 The “Buckle Up!” campaign in Kaluga was initiated by the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs with the support of the Department of the State Automobile Inspectorate for Kaluga Region, the Russian Association of Motor Insurers, and the NGO Road Safety Russia. The main campaign events are also being held in Vladimir, Veliky Novgorod, Vologda, Saratov, Arkhangelsk, Volgograd, Petrozavodsk, Pskov and Moscow. 



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